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I'm a girl with two elbows
Interests: John Hughes movies, Oreo cookies, counting crows, starbucks, my Hyundai Tucson, scrabble, pacman, old navy, flip flops, my so-called life, the letter "M", rubber bands and fish tacos
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seriously though, isnt it great to have an actual fridge.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2009 on Remember To Breathe at Three Words Back...
ahhh my topic...finally something I can comment on I Love the Rain the Most by Joe Purdy Blame it on the Rain - Milli Vanilli Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain - Willie Nelson Fire and Rain - James Taylor Have you Ever seen the Rain - CCR Anna Begins - CC Rain King - CC November Rain - GNR I suppose I'll stop here but...really I have more.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2008 on Rain, Rain, Rain at Three Words Back...
I wish I had some wise words of advice, but other people can say it much better than me. So I hope you find some comfort in these words by Brian Andreas: She had the gift of stopping time & listening well so that it was easy to hear who we could become & that was the future she held safe for each of us in her great heart you may ask, what now? & I hope you understand when we speak softly among ourselves & do not answer just yet for our future is no longer the same without her
David David David... I had this conversation in Australia. I live in New Mexico? What's in New Mexico? My family. And lots of dirt and sand. And sometimes Jessica Simpson when she's filming a movie here. Other than that, it's just New Mexico. An odd familiar feeling of home, and I like that...but I always feel like (wait for the Counting Crows reference) "I deserve a little more." And it makes me feel selfish, because I got a pretty good life. An awesome (dysfunctional) family, a nice place to live, a cool car, two great jobs. So, what's missing? Nothing and everything. A feeling that I can be doing so much more, that I need and want to feel more alive. So, from this small novel, what am I trying to say? Don't feel guilty for wanting something more than what you already have. And find what makes you happy and fulfilled, don't be afraid if it's outside the box.
No chocolate? Seriously, its Valentines Day week...maybe you're avoiding it for that reason, but really, David, there is no excuse for no chocolate. Im sending you hershey kisses in the mail.
oh david. If there's one thing that you remember for the rest of your life, please make it the fact that a #3 guard makes your hair non spikeable. And if you're wondering, yes, non-spikeable is a word in fact.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2006 on My Hair! at Three Words Back...
awe David. Thanks for the shout out:) This song inspires me to no end (as you well know) and I'm glad that it has had an effect on you as well. Happy New Years. Instead of putting the obligatory "maybe this year will be better than the last" I'll just say "meet you in Vienna" instead:)
Merry Christmas David.