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Please check self, PRE-wrecking self.
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lol thanks Joe. you're right, our return has impacted dozens of lives.... ...and for what its worth, i say go get the skin tags taken care of.
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Dec 17, 2012
you can come into the SDRT studio if you prefer.... its up to you. I just thought you’d appreciate the opportunity to deal with us in real time. ...but if you’d rather hang out on the comment board like a bitch, thats cool too. :-) warmest regards,
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on SDRT 62: Hollywood at The Steve-Dave Reunion Tour
lol, i had the fattest fucking head ever.... how did i ever get laid?
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Steve and Dave 2005 at The Steve-Dave Reunion Tour
lol, hey! shit-fuck is back. We missed you buddy. I thought you grew up and went to school or got a job or something. glad to see you're back in the fold. As a rule, I hate skyping guests on the show... but I think we should make an exception for you. be on the next episode and we can all get to know each other a little better. what do you say?
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on SDRT 62: Hollywood at The Steve-Dave Reunion Tour
I was wondering Dave!
It's true. The americans ended the cold war by strategically airdropping 3 racoons behind sovient lines. it brought the russian war machine to it's knee's.
It’s true, the enemy is harder to spot now. In the 60’s I think the world governments were bolder, and after seeing what an angry populous is capable of decided to exercise some discretion. Today, language and red tape are used to minimize public awareness and involvement. You can’t fight for a cause if you don’t know what it is. I think another problem is the division of responsibility. It makes directing your discontent near impossible. Anyways….I could rant about this for a while  good blog.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on Anthem at The Steve-Dave Reunion Tour
well no wonder, you're a week late. should have watched them when they came out....would have changed your life.
1- epic 2- buckshot 3- ejaculated 4- Vegas 5- quickly 6- Juniper Titmouse 7- rum and coke 8- Super Bowl 9- car 10- slowly 11- cock-fuckery 12- run 13- Hosni Mubarak
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on Steve/Dave MAD LIBS at The Steve-Dave Reunion Tour
See? it grows on you! you'll be singing it in your head soon enough
pfffft... if you can't find the joy in this video, something is seriously wrong with you. Watch it again. This shit is funny.
Are you high? focus your thought and try again.
thats right keep hating. I heard your a guest speaker at the next nuremberg rally. ...that's exciting.
David, pure concentrated awesome needs no words to accompany it. Besides, If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a moving picture is worth a million. And by that logic, a moving picture you can interact with: a trillion....and still growing. you’re right, it did take me a while to write this trillion word essay on life, love, and the human condition.... in fact, we are still writing it as we speak. I say “we” because I didn’t write this alone (that would be selfish), I share this with the planet. it belongs to everyone, and we are all contributors. We are all sitting around a “campsite" we call the internet, weaving a rich tapestry of customs, culture, and believes, warmed by a “fire" which is fuelled by love. Don’t try to douse our flames with your sarcastic remarks dave. Sarcasm is the illegitimate child of Hate, and neither are welcome here. so....put that in your pipe and smoke it.
meh...i would have blocked them too. maybe it was outta context, but the statement on its own was pretty snotty.
“timeless” pffffft. they were trying to cure famine (apparently) not write the one universal “somethings wrong in the world” song. The fact that they failed to mention the very cause they were singing for, just shows me that they no understanding of the issues outside of the vague notion the “something is amiss in the 3rd world”. that’s a sin....a christmas sin. everybody involved in that song (especially bono) is going directly to hell.
Wow, you’ll be the “mayor” of the Ministry of Love soon enough. ….wait, random 1984 references are no good. Looks like you Kassner are running for the “mayor” of lamesville! It’s gonna be a tight race! Ya….use the second one.
Thank you Gentlemen! I appreciate the support. Rick, excellent suggestions. This first link is an updated list of our Ontario MPP’s This is a question/comment section for the Ontario Government This is a contact list for all Canadian politicians.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2010 on Episode 1: The Opener at The Freedom Festival
It was…but then we found out just how those fascist pig-dogs at pet smart run a campaign. It probably ruined halloween. How did a dog dressed as a spider win? That’s retarded! How the fuck voted for that?
Hey! The video is good, my write up makes it awesome. She may be interested. Maybe we should put an offer together and go get her.
Well, you can thank Sarah for this one.
I didn’t even see this little zinger until now. I’m glad to see you pulled yourself out of another “boys only super hero bender” long enough to post a comment. Keep them coming. “hahaha fucking killer” Fuck you Dave, you Judas kiss ass. After our last episode I’ve clumped you in the same twisted group as Oof. At he wants to fuck cartoon humans….they’re dudes sure…but at least its not an anteater or carebear.