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Malcom's article was great. He was just using the fear of pitbulls as a reference point. But so much of the reaction gets focused on the breed itself. I find it just incredible the attention paid to the almost ridiculously small possibility of being killed by a (pit) bulldog or any other kind of dog. When Americans talk about being in the land of the free and "home of the brave," surely we must be joking. There are 300 million of us in this country and growing. Some of us will die from car accidents, heart attacks, a crazy guy at a convenience store, whatever. Can we just get over the fear? I doubt it. For those of you fearful of pitbulls, I'm dying to hear more about your fears--your many, many fears. Yes, that includes you who would remove a breed of animal to save "just one more life." Great, go get rid of mountain lions and everything else wild in this world. And put away your sharp knives...
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