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In my opinion you have to think to the kids. They are the ones who are suffering for all this inefficient management and leadership competences. My suggestion is to be direct and to show clearly and to everybody the disagrement about the new dangerous decisions. You have to force the Principal to understand her mistakes and discuss with all teachers the new upcoming decision in a very constructive and democratic way. And it doesn't matter if she will get rid of you. Think at the kids. A man should fight for his idea, otherwise or the idea is worth nothing or the man is worth nothing!
I think that almost all bosses sometimes seems to be more "a good boss", sometimes "not a nice one", sometimes "an incompetent" and sometimes "competent but an asshole". I think it is much more a matter of what you want to be or in what your people is identifying you. I don't know exactly which is the best role in the right moment but I realized that some times been to good competent boss makes people around you to be more "lazy" or don't care too much about deadlines or whatever or to just rely too much on you in case of problems. Sometimes I've discovered that not being present, not caring so much and so on, forces people to cover what "is missing" and to do their best. Anyway I do not know in the long term which one is the most efficient strategy. is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 14, 2012