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Two corrections : Pamela : David Trimble (a man I had the pleasure of meeting at a Conservative Party Conference 'fringe' meeting some years ago) is Lord David Trimble. He was given a working peerage in the House of Lords for his work to promote a peaceful settlement in Ulster. He sits under the Conservative whip. Stephanie : Spain is a Constitutional monarchy under King Juan Carlos. There is no 'President' of Spain. Jose Aznar is the former Prime Minister not former President.
The same thing is happening in the UK. The govt. is trying to control parents who keep their children out of school for 'home schooling'. They will now have to submit to regular inspections by OFSTED. This sinister sounding organisation is responsible for regular inspection of all State Schools, private schools and also public sector 'childrens protection services' in other words the childrens wing of your local council's social services unit. One thing OFSTED will be checking parents out over is if they dare to use their own materials for teaching their children with rather than brainwashing them with 'National Curriculum' garbage. Example of National Curriculum idiocy, a History module on the Second World War omitted to mention . . . Churchill !!
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Pamela You are quite right. At one time I would mock anything that was 'Frog' as would most Englishmen. Now living in Bradistan in 'McStalin's' Britain I have to think twice. Sarkozy has opposed the wearing of the burka in public. Muslim demonstrators in central Paris get broken up by the gendarmes and sent back to their banlieues. In the UK Muslim demonstrators are escorted by the Police who arrest any counter-demonstrators and stand watching while Muslims trash buildings, cars, etc. Can I migrate to France ? Trouble is as a Northerner I won't be able to stand French food (it is worse than South of England food !) and you cannot take a Bradfordian away from his daily supply of curry !
Still not available. It is 11.47am BST (won't use the 24 hour clock system Europe is trying to impose on us) Weds 24/06/09 in the UK.
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You can see how much President Obama's grovelling to the Muslims has changed the rhetoric in the Middle East. Apparently there was a 'celebration' of AhmedDinnerJacket's 'victory' in the Central Mosque in Teheran addressed by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini (Channel 4 News Report from Teheran Correspondent Lindsey Hilsun Fri 19/06/09). The Supreme Leader denounced Western interference in Iran and said the UK was the worst offender. He went on to make mockery of the UK referring to the corruption in our own Parliament. That's right - the Supreme Leader is now describing Britain as the new 'Great Satan'. Obama has ceeded that title to the UK. Gordon Brown is of course totally baffled. He has been wittering recently about Constitutional changes in the UK and introducing a new voting system - even though there has been no popular demand to change the existing system. There have been a lot of jokes/cartoons etc suggesting that he has been phoning AhmedDinnerJacket to ask about Iran's 'new experiment in democracy'. To have his would be political mentor's gaffer saying the UK is the Great Satan and taking the mick out of Gordon's corrupt govt. is publicity he can do without !!
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This is all very familiar in the UK. In the 50's, 60's and 70's this was practised by Labour Governments as 'Housing Improvement areas', 'Urban Regeneration' and other fancy names. The areas that were 'cleared' were low cost housing areas, some houses rented out by private landlords, some owned by low income households (where famillies hoped to pass the house on to their children as their 'inheritance'). The houses were bought from their owners at 'Compulsory Purchase' prices, a fraction of their free market value. Some householders in the East End of London in the 1950's were given a choice : either receive a ComPur payment or receive no payment but be guaranteed a new 'Council House'. They found out after accepting a new 'Council House' that the House was not in the same area but were spread all over the Greater London County Council (GLCC). That scam which was used to break up existing communities, especially the East End Jewish Community was pulled by the GLCC Leader Sir Herbert Morrison (grandfather of Brown's current guru Lord (Peter) Mandelson). Morrison hated the Jewish community. The use of compulsory purchase for 'Urban Regeneration' has continued to this day but the acreage involved in modern schemes is much less. There was a major ComPur scheme in Liverpool a few years ago with good quality Victorian terrace houses being bought up at well below market price. The scheme fell apart when a big proponent of the Liverpool Scheme Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was sacked (Prescott's office would have had to rule on all planning matters for the Liverpool development !) One result of forcing communities into rented 'Social Housing' is that the famillies involved lose any 'inheritance' they can pass on to their children. It also means that if a family in a rented house want to undertake a major business venture their is no 'asset' they can offer a bank as security against a loan. This situation changed in the early 1980's when 'Our beloved leader' Maggie Thatcher introduced RTB - Right to Buy. This meant tenants could buy their Council House at a discount (the more years you rented for the more discount). It even meant that you could look down the street on an 'Estate' and the front doors would be different colours - the privately owned houses had doors which didn't match the Council owned houses - the Council houses all had doors painted the same colour !!
I always had my suspicions about Eric ever since he was leader of my local Council (Bradford).
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Your reporters experience meshes with our experience this side of the Pond. Living in Bradistan, UK, we have seen it happen from the start. First they start with empty rooms in an old building and call it a 'Community Centre' or 'Youth Centre'. They often get local Council funding to support such a 'project'. Non-Muslims who try to use the Community 'facilities' get chased away by aggressive Muslim teenagers. Then, since only Muslims are using the facilities they put the word 'Muslim' in front of 'Community Centre'. Another trick is that under UK law if more than a certain number of adults are living in a house and declare that the house is a 'Religious study centre' they do not have to pay council tax !! So you get a large Paki family living in a house claiming it is a 'religious study centre' and evading council tax, typically £1500/$2500 in Bradford (more in many other conurbations) - they do not even have to put up a sign on the house. It is only at a late stage of Muslim takeover of a district that the Masjid's and purpose built Mosques start being erected. They need to have purchased land, got planning permission. It is at that stage that the radicalisation gets very serious. Most Bradford Paki's are poor, uneducated, villagers from Pakistani Kashmir. They follow the quite moderate Pakistani Barelvi sect. They cannot afford to build massive Mosques. They are offered financial 'assistance' to realise their dreams by 'Islamic charities'. The charities are often Saudi Waheebi funded and as a condition of their assistance will often nominate (and financially support) the Iman and other key workers, provide packs of 'educational materials', Islamic books, even material so that mosque goers can learn other languages: often English & Arabic (reading Arabic allows educated Muslims to read Islamic religious texts and the Koran in the original - to be an Arabic reader is a great social plus in any Muslim community). Of course the Iman, key workers, and the educational resources provided are all skewed towards Waheebi interpretations of Islam. You cannot blame the poor Pakistanis in the local congregations. Most of them come from villages in the Kash where the Mosque is a converted house and the Iman is a poorly educated man who is often also a village elder. Having a highly trained educated Iman who appears able to 'understand' and 'explain' the West to the congregation is a massive step up from a Iman who cannot even speak English ! A purpose built Mosque, constructed from Yorkshire stone, complete with minaret is beyond their wildest dreams. So the Waheebi take over the community from the Barelvi.
Pamela - is it true BHO is taking a month off later this year. I mean he really should find time from his busy schedule to go on 'The Haj' - the Muslim's mandatory pilgrimage to the Islamic Holy Places. The security lads should have great fun working out the arrangements for a Haj parts of which involve pilgrimage on foot surrounded by tens of thousands of fellow Muslims all walking to the same place often on narrow pathways ! A terrorists dream. You might even find in the States that things run better while the POTUS is away for the month and decide to send him 'on vacation' more often. Two quick points - Pamela : 1. Can you send me your new e-mail address some time ? 2. Gordon McStalin Brown is doing even worse in UK opinion polls than you can dream of. He is third behind the Liberal Democrats in both General Election and European Election polls.
Pamela - there is a confusion in the geography in your article headline. The recent attack (in May) was in Chittagong Bangladesh not Bangalore. The Bangalore (which is in India) incident is the report further down the page, the older incident (in January). Sarastro asks about 'cowardly and derelict' police. The police who didn't react were Bangladeshi ie. predominantly Muslim. In addition I must ask if the Bangladeshi police have even been paid recently. The govt of Bangladesh has completely broken down there was a near 'military mutiny' a few weeks ago involving soldiers in the Frontier Force. In the case of Bangalore, Mumbai etc where you are dealing with Indian police they do carry out their duties correctly - many Indian police were killed in Mumbai combatting the terrorists.
Dumbkopf ! I tink you will find R Kilroy-Silk has not been a UKIP MEP for some years. THe score of 25.5 average for 10 UKIP MEP's indicates a score of 255 points for the group. Removing RK-S score of 11 from UKIP (should be listed as Independent) gives them score of 244 divided by 9 average of 27.1.
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I think it has to be Sir Ming Campbell for two reasons : Untill the 'election' of Gorbals Mick the Constitutional Convention in the UK was that the speakership was held by an Opposition MP. Labour MP's broke that convention but it was a good practise and we need to return the HoC to good practise. As the Tories are going to win the next GE it would mean that if a Tory was selected now for the speakership they could only be a short term speaker unable to make major changes. If they remained in the post after the next GE you would have a Tory Speaker and a Tory govt. ie back to bad practise. Secondly many Labour MP's would object to a Tory Speaker and would do everything possible to block any reforms he tried to introduce. A third party 'neutral' speaker would be able to introduce exactly the same reforms without 'institutional' objections from the Labour back benches. PS. Frank Field would make a good speaker but he has two problems. Firstly he is Labour so we continue the 'bad practise' and secondly he is genuinely personally committed to his 'social justice' campaigns. He would have to give up his campaigning on these issues if he took the speakership (ditto applies to IDS - another potential candidate).
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This report is well known to us in the UK Welcome to Home Secretary 'Jackboot' Jacqui Smith's UK
I definately agree with Hanson's third point about 'Debt/Budget Management' If you want a new budget cheif for Obama's administration sent us a box of DVD's (Europe Region please) and you can have Gordon McStalin Brown. Brown is all washed up in the UK. Latest opinion poll (BPIX, Mail on Sunday). General Election voting intentions. Conservative 42%, Labour 20% Con lead 22% Potential Con majority 220 seats. The Labour poll is 3.5% worse than M Foot's polling for Labour in 1983 when Thatcher smashed Labour like a home grown version of the Argentine junta !! In the Euro Elections to be held on June 4th Cons 30% Labour 17% UKIP 17% - thats right Labour are neck and neck with a party whose sole campaign slogan is a 'vote on getting out of the EU' and who are normally described as 'nutters and fruitcakes' Trouble is if Obama gets Brown he will spend the next eight years undermining the Presidency - after all he spent ten years plotting against Tony Blair !
Firstly, Tim, you suggest we need more MEP's like Hannan. Many of us would like to see more MP's as well of the caliber of David Davis. Yet when Hannan made his famous 'denunciation' of Gordon McStalin in the European Parliament many leading Tory MEP's and MP's wanted nothing to do with his words and only started to support him when they saw the fantastic public reaction to the TV and video coverage of his speech. The shortage of Hannan's and Davis's, which you complain about is because D Camerloon and Central Office have tried to eliminate as many 'independently minded' MEP's and MP's from the Party selection process as possible. This means DC and CCHQ are part of the problem not part of the solution. Voting Tory on June 4th will not give us more Hannan's. It will give us more walking mouthpieces like Kirkhope who led changes in the EU Parliament's procedures to make it more difficult for small parties to form EU Parliamentary groups. Voting Tory is a vote for CCHQ approved clones. Secondly as 'Yurp' has pointed out Cameron can witter about Tory MEP's working for reform from within the EU Parliament but he is in cloud cuckoo land. Many of the Tory MEP's have made it clear that they have been ordered from 'above' (D Cameron) to leave the EPP group but personally their hearts still lie there. It is impossible to reform the EU Commission which is the heart of the European 'project' by votes in the Parliament which has no executive powers. Changes to EU structures such as the Commission can only be agreed by meetings of the 'Council of Ministers'. The Parliament is just a rubber stamp to the Commission's directives etc. Major changes to EU institutions may even need new treaties which would have to be passed by all member states while the Commission would be opposing such new treaties. Remember the Commission is in favour of the Lisbon Treaty and has spent considerable publicity promoting it and they still cann't get it approved. Finally I live in Yorkshire. It is only because I follow politics, read blogs including EUReferendum etc that I know anything about the Yorkshire Tory MEP's such as Kirkhope etc. Their contact with the voter in the street is zero ! Most people asked for the name of an MEP in Yorkshire would either not be able to name one or would name 'Godfrey Bloom' who is er .. UKIP !!Because of the failure of Yorkshire Tory MEP's to communicate what they have been doing (or maybe it is to hide what they have not been doing) I and many voters in Yorkshire will be voting UKIP or BNP.
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Three comments : 1. Pamela who wrote this gobbledegook ...'the Kremlin championed the notion of "multipolarity," in which U.S. influence would be checked by Russia, China, India, and a swathe of authoritarian states.' Since when has India which has been a democratic country under civilian govt for over 60 years since Partition, in 1947, been an 'authoritarian state' ?? Your President Osama has caused great offence in India by his mishandling of relations in the Region but this article is as insulting. 2. Marianne is correct. Russia was impressed by the performmance of Israeli supplied drones used by the Georgians during Russia's invasion of Ossetia last year so they are also buying the drones. The Russians are embracing modern defence technology and are buying from experts such as Israel. 3. I think you are reading too much into the Russians supplying S-300 to Iran and the problems this could cause the Israelis if they try too hit the Iranian nuclear plants. The Russians have a charming habit of supplying 'Export only' versions of their weapon systems to client states. The export versions are often lacking key features that the equipment supplied to Soviet forces has. As an example an older version of S-300 was supplied to Syria and the Syrians used it to protect the new reactor development in Northern Syria. But the IAF reduced that reactor to rubble ! Either the Israelis worked out a way to get around the missiles or someone in Moscow didn't like Syria's nuclear ambitions and gave Israel 'blocking codes' to jam the missile system. In the UK we have few good quality defence news/technology sites. I usually use US/Israeli sites. About the only UK site worth looking at is Dr Richard North's 'defenceoftherealm.blogspot' (yes that Richard North who also runs The UK MOD are so worried by his coverage of Iraq/Afghanistan/military procurement decisions they keep putting MOD 'trolls' on his comment thread to try and rubbish him !!
RichardJ said ' One only has to peruse the white nationalist Stormfront forum to see this.' If you did any research you would know 'Stormfront' is the Forum of the BPP (British Peoples Party). BPP and BNP loathe one another. Making statements about BNP policy by quoting 'Stormfront' is about as stupid as making comments about Cameron's policies by quoting Guardian editorials. Second thoughts Guardian editorials are quite close to Cameron's thinking. Like 'Yorkshireman' I am an ex-Tory posting from the front line in Bradistan. This is the real world not the 'Westminster bubble' world of anti-BNP tie-ups between the three major parties. Don't forget if you get involved in 'anti-Fascist' alliances involving Labour you get involved with Labours strange friends. This includes anti Fascist organisations which are a front for the SWP (Socialist Workers Party), organisations funded by the Trade Unions and Local Councils, and Islamic anti-Fascist organisations which are a front for Islamic extremist groups. You can get involved with some very strange bedfellows some of which particularly the Islamic organisations are anti-democratic. From what I am hearing everyday here on the front line the majority of the population have given up in disgust on all three parties with disgust at their corruption and their total lack of policies relating to the real world. Many people will either not vote or vote BNP.
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Does it matter .....? YES ! Pakistan has over 60 Nuclear warheads and a large Army, Navy and Air Force with modern (often US supplied) equipment. To make things worse the nukes are not supplied by a foreign power who could remove detonators etc if the 'wrong uns' took control of Pakistan. The nukes are 'Made in Pakistan' about the only thing they make other than films, pirate CD/DVD, false ID's and UK benefit claims. If Taliban takes over Pakistan they get total control of over 60 nukes, a large armed forces, 160 million people. They can also export nuclear technology wherever they want to (countries that got nuclear technolgy from UK/US got restrictions on who they can pass key technology on to). There is also the neighbours who might be upset about who has moved in next door. India has 800 million people, is a major world economy, has large armed forces and nuclear weapons. India is also a democracy - largest in the world. That's right - since 1947 they have had democracy, no coups - Nowt. The Indians already have problems with Muslim minorities in India getting involved in terrorism - remember Mumbai. The Indians claim the Muslim terrorism is supported from Pakistan imagine the Indian reaction if the Pakistani govt is the Taliban leadership ! India has fought three wars with Pakistan over Jummu/Kashmir. Indians I know in the UK (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist) are disgusted over how western govts grovel to Muslim 'Pakis'. Obama continues to arm and finance Pakistan, insults India over Kashmir. If Pakistan goes Taliban controlled the Indians have no faith in the western govts to sort out the threat on their doorstep so they will take unilateral action. BTW India's 'friends' who also provide India with military equipment include Israel, China and Russia. The other neighbour in the Region is of course China. No democracy there, massive population, massive economy, massive armed forces and nukes. China is already having problems with the Muslim Uighur peoples in West China who are involved in local unrests and the regime will not tolerate any 'foreign power' giving arms, training, encouragement to any hostile grouping within China. Remember China crushed Tibet when Tibet and the D/Lama were not any threat to Beijing. When it is an extreme Islamic nuclear armed neighbour preaching Armageddon (or the Islamic version of Armageddon) China will not play around. Finally there are millions of Pakistanis scattered all over the world including the street I live in in Bradistan UK. Every one of them is affected by what happens at 'home' (you can get Pakis born in BRI, fifth generation, who still call Pakistan 'home' !). Every one of these is affected or could be a potential terrorist particularly if their family at 'home' is being threatened by the Taliban if they don't cooperate . And we are being led into this by your President Osama and Gordon McStalin Brown.
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Let's get one thing sorted out. A candidate who is going to stand for Parliament is a person who should have a long term commitment to the Party s/he is standing for. That mean's starting out as a volunteer in their local association and putting in lot's of years of commitment. Time spent leafletting, canvassing, serving as a school governor, local neighbourhood forums etc etc. Some candidates may go through the route of getting elected on to local council which in the case of the larger authorities may mean you even get some income ! Other's may not bother to go down that route. There is also the question of being willing to 'take time out' to stand as a candidate in unwinnable seats (including by-elections). Someone who has done all that should then have a crack at a winnable seat. They will be able to empathise with the local association members who are working on their campaign and will have the experience to know how to deal with the issues that come up during their campaign. In other words the 'Approved Candidate's List' should recognise commitment and relevant experience. It shouldn't be about filling the correct 'socio-economic group'. The fiasco in Ealing Southall with the Asian 'rent-a-candidate' who was Labour and writing large cheques to T Blair one week and Tory four weeks later was a disgrace. To give an excellent example take James Clapisson (who DC seems to be seriously under employing !). He is from South Yorks and stood in an unwinnable seat in the early 80's. He then stood, twice, in by-elections in Bootle. In the 2nd Bootle by-election in 1990 he held the Conservative vote up well while it collapsed in the Bradford North by election held on the same day. In 1992, after over a decade of commitment, he was selected for Hertsmere and has proved to be an excellent MP. The feminists should remember the old system couldn't have been that biased. In addition to the likes of Ann Widdicombe another women who got through the old system was called .. Thatcher. Even the 'beloved leader' had to put up with putting her name forward for some unwinnable seats.
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If you cannot sort out the problems of Ulster (I still call it Ulster untill a referendum vote agrees to change the name) then why the hell is the govt. and people in the UK telling Jews how to run 'the only fully democratic country in the Middle East' (quote from T Blair . . so it must be true) . . Israel ?
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Firstly I have to say I agree with 'A Candid Mover'. Our controlled media did not post this original item so instead the BNP were able to 'break' the story and support the agenda of British policing giving way before Muslim demonstrators. The excuses about the police not being properly dressed/equipped for handling this type of demo are vomit inducing. Who was the senior officer in charge, not Cmmdr Cressida Dick again ? Did the senior officer not think 'this could get nasty - I had better get the lads into riot gear' ? I watched the pro Tibet demo outside the Chinese embassy on TV today. At approx 13.05 on the BBC News Channel the BBC reporter interviewing a pro Tibet demonstrator asked ' You know the Chinese premier isn't going to take any notice of your protests so why are you bothering to protest ?' (or similar words to the same effect). I was gobsmacked. Our controlled media was effectively telling the pro Tibet demonstrators 'don't bother with the democratic rights we have in the UK including the right to free speech and to demonstrate - just sit at home when the Chinese PM is in town'. I was disgusted. I do not remember a BBC reporter asking pro Hamas/Gaza demonstrators why they were wasting their time on the streets of London. He would probably got lynched by the demonstrators and sacked by the BBC. Later on when the pro Tibet demonstrator was pointing out that some of the demonstrators had family members who had been detained by the Chinese authorities the BBC reporter said 'well you can contact them through 'official channels''. The treatment of pro Tibet demonstrators and pro Gaza demonstrators by the BBC was totally unequal. The BBC viewpoint appeared to be 'China good - Tibet bad'.
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Martin Coxall @ 20.35 is apparently confused by Point 4 about a 'Multiplicity of traditional power centres'. I have no problems with this as a feature of true conservatism. By a multiplicity of power centres you can mean such things as : The State, The Family, Religious loyalties (for those who are not agnostic etc), Trade Unions, Friendly Societies (inc Freemasons, Orange Lodge etc), charities etc. Those on the political left recognise only one power centre - The State. One of the things causing confusion in New Labour is which state they owe loyalty to ? Is it the British Parliament, the new kid on the block - the EU or for those who live in places such as Scotland/Wales is it the Scots Parliament/Welsh Assembly ? You can see they are very confused trying to work out this complex question.
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I won't make any other comments on this thread today ! Sally Roberts is doing an excellent job without any assistance from me. Attagirl !!
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