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@amybeth - Would you say he is more like an onion or cake with his layers? (Shrek) Paul - When you work for yourself, you hustle every day to make your job mold and fit to be your dream job. The theory is do what you love and the money will follow. So if the last 2 years, and looking ahead to 2010 are providing enough money for you and your family to be comfortable, then put forth a game plan to make the needed changes (and ask for help) to continue to mold working for yourself into "your dream job." My guess is doing a job you love, where you're the boss, you are already putting in 60+ hours. So was it the time commitment of the new gig or was it that what you really want you already have, you just need to continue to shape it and mold it to fit with your changing family/friends goals? Good luck. Good choice.
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Dec 30, 2009