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Monica - we listen to you. I know you have firm opinions and solid beliefs on many of the bills currently in Congress that are creating chaos and controversy. I am IVUO-Joe1 and very proud of it. I am just one Loud Vote. I Vote You Out 2010. We elect Representatives and Senators to the US Congress and when it comes time to represent our interests and our principles they Vote Against Us!. More and more, our elected officials see their personal power and their entitlement to office as their goal. I VOTE YOU OUT 2010. The Key Issues that I Vote You Out 2010 supporters see as critical to preserving our Individual Liberty and Protecting Future Generations generally oppose higher taxes, oppose bigger deficits and don’t want the government getting bigger and we do want government to start working better by reducing the waste, fraud, and corruption that they already know exists. It is also deeper than just those issues and how Members of Congress are voting against our interests and principles. Too many of them have lost their honor, their honesty and their sense of right and wrong. They sell their votes among themselves for funding to run their re-election campaigns and to make sure that their cronies get large grants and large contracts from the government. They use our tax dollars to buy more power for themselves.
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Mar 18, 2010