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Well just spending some time over in the blog world and read this post out your most recent ones and felt the need to post a comment. I was surprised to read my words on your blog .. which just means I could have written the part about doing eyes and being fascinated with eyes my whole life. I have always had a thing for eyes. I can draw them upside down .. i know that sounds really silly but when your young you think things like that are important. haha... anyway .. I love always to see what your up too... and love your eyes and love your shell with the eyes. I would feel like I'd found a treasure just as you did. Amazing what some discard others treasure. Eye to eye .. I see you .. :)
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Sep 28, 2011
Beautiful marks on beautiful day! I'm going outside for the rest of the day!! Yayyyyyyy .. I love your backyard and either your camera is set on rich color (my made up word for it) or that desert sun does something to the color of everything there!!
I love the glass .. and hoping you got through the day yesterday. Hope today is a good day.. mine is sort of middle of the road .. fair to partly cloudy .. i feel like my brain has sort of melted and I am trying to think of ways to just be cool... it's so difficult to be productive in this heat!! aaacckkk ..
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Aug 4, 2011
Wow .. so beautiful!! I love this !!! You should be happy with yourself at such a nice scarf!!
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Hey .. thanks for popping over to my blog... I've been thinking of you ever since. :) And I just love the color in that jar.. try turmeric .. just for fun it's amazing!! I'm going to try to get some photos of that experiment and show those results .. so bright!!! I hope it stays .. but no worries if it doesn't because I love a muted yellow too. :) Hugs to you!!!
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Ha .. funny to see you being funny!
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