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Izabael DaJinn
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Mar 15, 2010
That's cool! I didn't notice the batman! I wish I could find an ever higher res version!
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Somewhere in Time really does have crazy details! Even as I was going to reply to your comment I looked at the cover again and noticed things I hadn't (Like the Tetragrammaton on the building on the far left. YHVH in Hebrew.) And there is a guy in the video store looks like he's stealing. And I wonder what the Korean letter say. Some things are easy to understand like the 23:58 on the clock and the Bradbury Towers (Ray reference?) but so many others I'm not sure on. Oh and where did someone call it "a very boring painting"? xoxo Izabael
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That Pan is quite a little's not really bestiality when he fucks a goat is it? since he's half's just...the Discovery Channel
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