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Richards lost the C for me when he did nothing to acknolwedge Prust leveling Timonen in the corner. Maybe it was because of the wrist, but no one is asking Richards to fight. A couple cross checks or something to let Timonen know, hey I got your back. That was the problem with this entire team this year and I think that starts with the leader. A down year of playing shouldn't make a player lose the C, especially when he apparantely was injured. But, he wasn't a leader. He didn't stick up for his teammates. The climatic point to his leadership role this year was when he knocked out Matt October. That's the difference between Richards and past captains. At least in 2010-2011. Richards was out of shape this year. We saw it. He was tired from the postseason run last year and spent the entire summer at a cottage. Hopefully this shit season reawakens the beast, but if it happens again or at least over the first few months, then the Flyers should go to 3 A's. Which I think they should have done in the beginning anyway.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on Yo, Get Off Michael Richards' Dick at Crossing Broad
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May 19, 2011