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Okey-dokey, I'll follow through on the meme, since you have honored me by tagging me, but it may be a few days. I'm still getting accustomed to being a step-Dad to two teenagers!!!
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I will never forget my country (or rather, region of the US), either. I still remember enough French that I didn't need any online translation!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2006 on Je n'oublierai jamais mon pays at Myrtus
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Where are you going??? Good luck to you!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2006 on Goodbye everyone at Myrtus
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I think you missed the point of my originl post... those ADULTS I saw in Paris wearing the US flag as a cape were showing remarkably little respeoct for it. THAT was my point, they did not understand the respect they claim to have for the flag. At least those who burn the flag are doing so *because* they understand the symbolism.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2005 on Maxine's advice at Meanderings
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