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I thought something was wrong with my seemed like most players faces where blushy and red...not sure if it was a temperature issue, high humidity perhaps, but Roy wasn't the only one who looked like that. His eyes appearing "sad" is a bit of a reach. The guy pitched 4 innings of masterful ball. I think the braves just battled him, got him into deep pitch counts and just really worked him. He should have been pulled before the granny.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2012 on Roy Halladay Leaves Team at Crossing Broad
@J.T. nope, not the case at all. Typical butt-hurt flyers fan.
LOL, if the flyers would have won then everyone would have been talking about how BIG a game this was. Because they choked on it, it's just another January game....LMFAO. Typical philly fans.
Roenick is the man!! A true class act.
LOL, that is weak.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2010 on Chicagoans Are So Lame at Crossing Broad
Lavs is most certainly one of the top coaches in the NHL. The way he gets is guys to respond to him and the way he motivates is great. Not to mention the raw emotion that he emits on a daily basis. He seems like one of the guys but demands the respect of a head coach which is a tough act to balance.
na na na a philly fan except the flyers but as I said...I have no ill will towards the flyers Im pretty excited that all the fans are getting to enjoy this. Im enjoying the hell out of it myself. I'm just interjecting here as a sports fan.
No need for all caps veronica, we understand what your saying loud and clear. Also I'm a penguins fan (dont kill me) I love the phllies and Eagles and have grown up here my whole life just never rooted for the flyers but dont have anything against them. Crosby used to be a whiner big time his first year or two but he has matured as a player and person. I very rarely saw him complain this year but people bring it up like its an everyday thing. An everyday thing is Ovechkin, dude cries more than Crosby ever did. Regardless good luck to the flyboys and the fans on here who root for them. Should be a great game tonight, I'm kind of upset that I will miss it but I'll be over at CBP watching Doc pitch.
Have to side with the hawks fans here...2 big time blown calls in the game but its over and done with now..time to move on. I'm sure just as many tweets could be found from game 1 and 2 from flyer fans whining. It happens all the time. Also, im not a flyer or hawk fan, just want to see a good clean series and I feel for the most part it has been up to this point.
Mike, Relax, your just upset because you know its the truth. If this happens it WILL get out of hand and end up on the news. No need for that, go to the game, scream your heart out and cheer on your team. Have fun with it but taunting the opposing team as they exit the hotel and board the bus is just classless.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on Flyers Fans to Mob Blackhawks? at Crossing Broad
And we wonder why Philly fans have the reputation that they do...this is sad. Just go and enjoy the game.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on Flyers Fans to Mob Blackhawks? at Crossing Broad
no problem...your guys site is awesome...i have everyone in my work looking at it on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2010 on Bearded Dasher and Lizard Tongues at Crossing Broad
The Lizard tongue comment was after leighton stop on shot out front when one of the habs was all by himself. I think it was in the 3rd period.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2010 on Bearded Dasher and Lizard Tongues at Crossing Broad
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May 21, 2010