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Interests: Family, Community Service, "Right Business Practices", "Social Justice", philosophy, soccer.
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I am opposed to going to all that $$ and use of power to construct a fake facade... I see many beautiful old Vics with beautiful garage doors on the front , grade level... I live next to one... Aesthetics aside, the electricity used to move all that weight! What a waste.
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Pretty in Pink.... but what happened to the "doggies" in the window"? jb
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The CBO projection, I think, does NOT take into account the residual benefits of everyone having healthcare. Prevention is always cheaper than an ambulance ride to the E.R. for the uninsured person who has had the heart attack or stroke, due to lack of regular medical support, especially if one adds in the value of having maintained one's health, rather than let it slip away. (Lord knows we can't decide things on anything but "balance sheets"....)
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Let us start a fund to eliminate the Pigeon from the streets of our city.. Just as redwood trees are not good sidewalk trees, so ..pigeons are not good "street birds". Any ideas for humane devices to eliminate them from our streets?... ...and: why no big crows?
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My office is the small table in the front room of my home, comprised of my MacBook Pro laptop, and my HP 4480 copier/scanner/printer...which cost $49. at the Stanford bookstore.... Don't invest in office buildings.
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