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Wasn't Pinochet the first dictator to ever voluntarily relinquish power following a plebiscite which he called asking voters to extend his rule and in which his request was defeated? This would clearly place him in the Hayek's system #2. If Pinochet wasn't the first to act in this way, what others have done so?
I wonder if your rough 30% portion might not be much smaller in today's world where we have tools, smart-phone apps, etc. to deal with many calculations. As an analogy, consider driving a car: I'd guess that probably 95% of all drivers have virtually no idea of how to build, or fix a car, but many of them can still be excellent drivers. Granted, the few that do know or even have a basic understanding of mechanics might be at a distinct advantage in certain situations but in the majority of their driving that wouldn't make much difference. In our civilized world most of us are completely ignorant in basic survival skills (hunting, fishing, foraging or growing food, etc.) and we seldom ever find ourselves in situations where we need these skills. Could they be useful? Of course, but since we live lives in which it is highly unlikely to ever need them does it really make a lot of sense to try to make everyone have these skills? I am aware of the gulf in skill levels of math, language usage, and other basics which I almost take for granted when I look at the people coming out of todays education system, but I wonder if this is really as serious of a problem as some of my contemporaries feel it is. Perhaps in a few years people like us, who have learned basic math, English composition, and other skills which we consider so elementary will be considered oddities.
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Is is any consolation that 2.1 is neither an irrational nor imaginary number?
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2013 on 2.1 is an arbitrary number at Pro Commerce
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Facts don't matter when do-gooders go on the rampage.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2013 on Obese are not the majority at Pro Commerce
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A compassionate view which, no doubt, will be dismissed by some as incoherent ramblings from a not-yet-reformed junkie!
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Virtually all advances in technology are accumulative. The most amazing advances are those in which something entirely unknown is introduced for the first time and I think pinpointing that moment would be very difficult.
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Because of government regulation, a person can't even take their own life if they want to.
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How come all entries except "M" begin with "The"?
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Aug 11, 2011