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Let me clarify. When I spoke above about the "movement's" primary objective I am not speaking of the large majority of the people who are attending these rallies—rather something under five percent of them—a small minority of brownshirts (They may be sporting a broad smile and a colorful shirt. You will not know) Quantitatively, they are a minuscule portion of the group, but do not underestimate their need for power and control. Their motivation is colossal in strength and will and you won't know who they are until it is safe for them to emerge behind their leader, whomever he or she may be. If and when they should achieve control, they would shake mini-madmen such as Beck like a worthless rag doll and and toss him into the trash heap. His tears and hysterics, when he discovers who and what they are, will only make them chuckle at the small joke he is. Size and strength is always relative. Passion is there for the asking, but watch out. They won't ask. They will take.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on The McLaughlin Group at Monica Crowley
"Instead, he met people who made "a lot of sense" and who were concerned about the direction of the country." I am sure that thousands of good hearted, intelligent patriots who were "concerned about the direction of the country" showed up at the early Hitler rallies to demonstrate how angry and disturbed they were about it. They certainly got more than they expected, didn't they? I am not saying that the passionate individuals who show up at these events are "bad" people who do not have legitimate gripes about particular issues. In fact, in Germany, it was that very passion that was used and redirected by other individuals with more powerful wills, deadly determination and blood in their minds and hearts who stole and incorporated the minds and souls of those good intentioned people and led the world into unprecedented bloodshed and horror. Good reason to have cold sweats. And yes, even here in America.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on The McLaughlin Group at Monica Crowley
Millions of Germans weren't racists either, until they found an outlet for their discontent and anger in the ideas promulgated by their new found Fuhrer, so they did what they did—and even after, until this very day, won't, wouldn't (couldn't) admit that they were racists. Hitler wasn't a racist. Everything he did, (in his mind) was for the good of the fatherland. So if one of the most egregious racists in history didn't know he was a racist, how could anyone expect average, discontented and angry Americans(perhaps like yourself and Monica Crowley) to know that they might be as well.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on The McLaughlin Group at Monica Crowley
The Glen Beck Brownshirts are assembling in the squares across America and in DC waiting for a bold leader to emerge waving his own version of Mein Kampf. Whatever they say they are for or against, the movement has one primary objective—to discredit and oust President Obama. It is pure and simple racism. They can't abide a black man in the White House and want him out whatever the cost or consequences. Yes, as Glen Beck frequently says, he has been sober quite a while. What he doesn't know and his AA friends should tip him off before it's too late. He is on a dry drunk. His eyes tell the story. The man is quite mad.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on The McLaughlin Group at Monica Crowley