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If he were my father--and he obviously is not--I would not be giving him any more of my sermons to read. Imagine, if you will, how powerful and truly transformative it might have been if he had revealed your authorship after cribbing your work. I don;t know how much consulting, if any, you have done, but I have done it on LBGT issues and congregational development. Saying the hard thing is prophetic, changes hearts and minds, and opens everyone in the conversation to the difficult task of living in the unresolved tensions. THAT is where the real gray is. What you and all those who so easily condone Sojourners failure of heart are doing is condoning cowardice. Jesus wasn't a wimp; if we are to believe any of the scriptures, he faced all injustice head-on, knowing that many would reject and acorn him, even unto death. The risk for Wallis et al in this is pretty low; only the possibility of pissing off people who make lousy allies anyway. The gain? The lives of gay youth (many who are on the street and are poor), families (some who are poor), and the confidence of those of us who think justice is worth the risk.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on My response to Sojourners at Sarcastic Lutheran
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May 18, 2011