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Ah Marion, you have such wonderful insight both to yourself and what is being asked of you. It takes a strong and courageous person to be willing to stop, look and listen. Geronima is a wonderful tweak and I for one am looking forward to what will now surely be a rapid growth period for you. I love @DrJackKing's suggestion that there might be some mileage in looking to the future leaders too. The dynamics would be very different and I feel that someone like you would shine with them. Question 3 resonated strongly with me as I too have been going through a major transitioning with regard to niche, positioning and doing what I know best ... helping people find their feet in challenging situations - namely relationships and divorce. Last year I chose to follow a path which took me away from divorce, thinking my time had been done. What happened was that the doors didn't naturally open, or they shut suddenly. In February I met my new business partner and we're co-designing a mediation service which unlike most others, bridges the gap between court (she's legally trained in Family Law)and coaching/therapy. Our combined skill set and willingness to use technology, telephone and Skype mean that we are able to offer clear, precise and accessible mediation to busy professionals and expats who have up till now been denied access to most mediators. The most amazing bit is that some work I did 2+ years ago and put into an 'ideas' folder is now coming back out and being used productively!! I also have to remind myself of a commitment I made when I first started out in the world of coaching ... 'I will make a difference to the way divorce is handled and viewed in this country'. We all have unique voices and in our mid life it can be easy to ignore their calling, but it's even easier to surrender to it :) Congratulations Marion, I'll be supporting you all the way!
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Apr 27, 2010