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Jim Eagle
The Hammock, FL
Famous and Infamous both at the same time.
Interests: Mysteries, Premiership soccer, Test Cricket and rugby.
Recent Activity
I see someone's pet rock decided to share their immense IQ with us at 3;27:)
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Narrative Uber Alles at JustOneMinute
CH, wishing you better health. Didn't even know you were in hospital.
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Thursday Action at JustOneMinute
LOL, Dave:)
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2021 on Thursday Action at JustOneMinute
To stop passive shoplifting enforcement just have the insurance companies cancel their (stores) policies.
Mel, That list is "fake" news. The fact that the Corned Beef and Liverwurst sandwiches from Loeb's Deli, McPherson Square aren't listed tells me everything I need to know it is.:)
Clarice posting at 1:01AM tells me she is in Hawaii :)
Also, interesting, is that what I find in my Junk file. Mostly political stuff that leans my way. I may not be interested but it has been selectifly edited for me to be thrash Anyone else. My server is Spectrum.
My wife, who is Belgian, thinks Biden will be regarded as a "fool" by the Euros. He doesn't have a serious demeanor, which seems to be a things Euro leaders look for because they have learned lessons via Carter and Clinton. Hmmm!
Goede morgen! Bright, sunny day on the First Coast. Just a mere zephyr of a breeze. Did you all see this?
Sitting up on my Upper Terrace overlooking the 18th green and the beach. Young ladies are in a practice round for the Ladies Florida Open that starts Thursday. Boy are they good:)
They are singing the national anthems of France and Germany at Euro21 and Germany's is by far NOT superior much to their regret:)
Henry, when I was in Washington, the average House or Senate member, in order increase campaign funds, would just introduce a measure or make noise of introducing same that would signifincantly be problematic for a certain constituency. Ala, special interest contributions to their "neutral" PACs:)
BTW, the issue isn't generation but rather Transmission capacity.
Matt, that is exactly where the power plants (except the two nukes) are sited in Texas. NG is the largest form followed by Coal. Here is the list:
One of the reasons ERCOT is in the news is that except for a small portion in the north and north east of Texas it is a stand-alone region - no interconnections like the other 5 regional councils. So, if plants go down, there is little interconnections from utilities outside Texas to back up their needs.
Trump truly lives large in their minds! I am surprised he hasn't triggered more heart attacks or strokes.
Diplomacy, Joe style! "'She reminded me of my mother,' says Joe Biden after tea with the Queen"
These Portland Antifa/BLM punks are getting off too easy.
I love Cornwalll, all the way down to Oldtown on the Isle of Scilly. The night Diana die in Paris, I was staying in Bedford having just played in a tournament at Royal North Devon. Then I drove all the way down to Penzance and took the ferry over to Hughtown/Oldtown. A highly recommended trip
In Southampton, we would see Great White's all the time. Sometimes, they were within 500 yards of the beaches. "Jaws" was based on Benchley's experience living in the Hamptons and going out of Montauk on spotting missions.
Once again, journalists and oped writers have no idea on how electric power is dispatched. I will once again invoke RAMS and its use in calculating how you turn on the lights and can't.
First, I read the author at Narc's 1:45 to be Kevin Bacon (6 degrees of separation):)
If you think eating Cicada's is ucky then what is Cicada's harvested off or cemetary tombstones?
I've suspected this for a long time: Now it is factual. I'd add Twitter also.
Constition? When has that ever prevented the Dems from doing whatever they wanted to do?