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Jack is Back!
The Hammock, FL
Famous and Infamous both at the same time.
Interests: Mysteries, Premiership soccer, Test Cricket and rugby.
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While my Chocolate Chip Cookies are baking, I will remark that Frederick's Room, board and tuition is the same as must colleges. If he goes to any Florida university like FSU, UF, Miami or Florida Tech, he gets a big discount. I wish Canterbury would do the same but not. I have already notified them we expect a refund on unused meals and boarding costs. They are probably LOL.
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lyle, I mean't "paucity" but suffered a brain fart. Thanks, for pointing my boneheaded spelling:)
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Update on our little slice of The Hamptons: Our renter has deceded he wants to stay through June. So, that may be an indicator that more and more Manhattan people will be coming out. The issue is not them buying up all the groceries, wine and farm stand produce but they are not the dreaded "day trippers". If you don't own or rent a place in The Hamptons you are SOL since there is a plethora of hotels or motels. The Daily Mail as usual is relying on 3rd hand heresay information. Those beach photos are of Little Plains Beach (down the street from us) and Cryder Beach, just down Meadow Lane from The Meadow Club. Beaches are open, walking only, no sunbathing, playing games or groupinng up with others. Resaurants and bars are open for takeout or delivery only. I'll bet Herbert & Rist are doing a landslide business in both walkins and deliveries. [Our local wine and liquor store.] But Agawam Park and the adjacent playgound for kids is closed.
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Well, ladies, if it is William then the Brits have bought the Hollywood scenario of ascendancy. I bet Charles in a landslide just because that is the way it is. If not, then Europe and its royalty are toast. But good riddance to all. I am American from British citizens for the reason of rejecting the Monarchy. Hollywood adoration with a crown. Pathetic. I'd rather admire every doctor, nurse, health care worker and pharmacist diealing with this trauma then a bunch of underserving phlandering nobodies.
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..Palm Cost s/b Palm Beach, of course...Palm Coast is DeSantis country unlike PB which for all its wealth is Karl Marx country...
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jane, Still, in my opinion, an over reaction that could have been more accommodating if he wasn't under the F@#king media pressure. Ron controls the State, the legislature and the judges e as well as most of the LEO, except maybe Palm Coast and Broward counties. Take your time and do it right. We have LEO choppers flying over the most desolate stretch of beach in Florida telling one walke to "Get off The Beach". Politics gone wacko.
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henry, Talk about shutting down states. I am big DeSantis supporter. Know him. Had him to our home. But doing a state wide shutdown of the beaches in my opinion was crazy. There are ways to educated people on how to use the beach. Signs, volunteers, messaging via digital signs etc. There are parts of our coastline like my spot on earth where the only people on the beach are walking their dog, not gathering in any kind of crowd. By doing that, he has unecesarrily criplled every small business in every beach community of which Florida has too many to enumerate. I don't get it, I thought sun and fresh air is or was the best medicine. Sure there are some beaches, like Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona, South Beach, Destin that need to enforce separation but the whole coastline of Florida? To me that is what i call a lazy over-reaction. Instead of studying it just do a carte blance and be over it. Another example of political over-reaction.
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Frederick and I just back from a long run to Target to see if they had TP. Of course, we knew it was like backing a 500-1 nag with a limp at the track and we weren't disappointed. So we got coffee capsules they don't have at Publix, some mags of wine on sale and more of his kind of junk:) What we did notice is parking spots, empty ones, you usually don't see there. Then on the way home through Flagler Beach, a ghost town. I don't know about OL's tenants but I find it hard to believe those small restaurants and bars can survive more than 2 weeks of this. And then when the curfew is lifted they may have to undercut their prices just to meet their costs sans any profit. Almost got to 90F today, still in JAX records for high temps were broken the last 2 days. I am just hopeful that the heat kills this thing and normalcy can return to everyone's psyche and physical well being. Ex, if JFK was still alive and his Dad had that ghost writer on retainer, Massie would be a Profile in Courage. In a way, I agree with him. Something this dramatic to our national fiscal health should have at least had a risk assessment to demonstrate the positive and negative outcomes. My sense is in the long run it will have massive negaitve outcomes unless we find a way to address the trade imbalance with China and our dependency on their cheap labor which I think has not been fully analyzed in the last few years compared to not depending on them. I see a paradigm shift but to what I have no idea.
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Some aviation metrics on the effect of CoVid-19: Total flights per day now below 100,000 At this point in the year, we would expect to see an average of over 175,000 flights per day. This week the total number of flights tracked dropped below 100,000 and total commercial traffic is below 50,000 flights per day. Nearly 100 airlines have halted all of their services.
At Amazon they are selling "used" TP. Ewwwww! Gives "used" a different meaning.
Much ado about nothing but I have just watched, in the last 5 minutes, 5 squadron's of 20 to 30 Brown Pelican's flying north along the beach and cutting down to the condos to pick up their selective updrafts. Useually, they come in groups of 3-5 but today there must be a special feeding up at Mainland (Dolphin Experience), to attract so many birds.
Dr. Birx is a retired Army Officer, full bird (O-6) [Colonel]. Her background is on the HIV/AIDS Medical Task Force. She has more credibility with me than the ranters and ravers without any medical knowledge. DCAA needs to ramp up their audits because I am convinced finding ventilators in a NY warehouse is an outlier to the total boondoggle.
Ralph L Good ro see you back. If a subject like Mozart isnt edgy and profane laced, they dont have their true target audience. Its not the Lincoln Center crowd.
sbw, we only wish:)
henry, 👍
There is a logistical anomaly to the TP crisis in the stores. Is it with the MFG's like Kimberly & Clark, or the transportation system or the chain's inventory management. I see an HBR paper on this, not kidding.
We are 110 miles from the Cape and we are just now hearing the sound of lift off. Neat.
While am distracted recommending Ex's dinner tonight, we had a Cape launch. The entrails are still visible. That Musk guy needs better communications to his coastal watchers:)
Iggy, I agree. Our medico's here including our local Advent Medical Hospital are saying they are fine but just need extra vents, masks, nitrile gloves, etc. to prepare for any uptick. We have close to 10K people here volunteering to wear what ever PPE is available to help the docs. It won't be necessary as we are approaching daily tems of 90F but then there is the aged population who may or may not benefit from that like me and Mrs. JiB. By the way, all doomsayers, German was basically destroyed in every metric after WW2, Look at their economy and place in the world now. Forget CoVid19. You know what I mean.
You know what sounds good right now? A nice Coq au Vin. Even in my warm but cooling breeze Florida wind. Its the ultimate comfort food, outside, of course liver and onions:). But we are relegated to left-over shrimp curry, fried rice ad Bison burgers for Frederick and I who are not going Oriental at this stage:) I know, India is not China but close enough. Bring on the Chicken thighs, pearl onions and carrots:)
jane, We can get inoculated for the flu every year. Sure it is only 30% positive and a lot, and I man a lot of people do not get the shot every year. But so far there is no vaccine, I know of for CoVid-19 just the few suppression drugs. I wonder if there are any stats on how many people who died from the seasonal flu got shots before flu season started. We know that people who died from CoVid19 didn't have any preventative vaccine.
Jane, I agree but as I understand it the difference between CoVid-19 is that it is more contagious than the seasonal flu. Someone more knowledgeable can correct me if I am wrong.
jimmyk, Daily Torygraph headline in the Sports section: "Tennis is the perfect sport for a coronavirus pandemic. It should be encouraged, not banned" Behind the paywall though.
So, it was a rollicking game of Beer Pong in Austria that spawned the UK and mainland Europe outbreak.