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Jack is Back!
The Hammock, FL
Famous and Infamous both at the same time.
Interests: Mysterys, Premiership soccer and rugby.
Recent Activity
jimmyk, The last time I took the subway to JFK train it took 45 minutes.Uber 30 minutes. Enough said.
Not to put a pillow over jimmyk but your best bet is a Lyft or Uber there.
CH, I think you are the only NBA correspondent on JOM.
Clarice, I am a red hat. Those are the important ones.
My Keto calls for some Lemony-Butter Chicken Thighs tonight which I have in the oven now. I would love to put Nancy, Steve Cohen and Nads in the fucking oven. But I don't want to appear Nazi.
CH, Thanks for the opinion on LB and BB. Now, what a Stanley Cup we will have. Two unlikely clubs the beginning of he season. Let's all get on henry's Blues bandwagon.
Steph, That is my boy Frederick in spades. LOL.
Geezbus. This getting almost Soviet-style putsch with Dems and Trump. Does our country found on Constitounal principles really want to go there? This is getting really bizarre and frightening, that we have a duly elected POTUS and one party can't get over it and wants to drive our country into the same ditch VZ resides.
How tough are you? Man in Italy walks into a hospital with an arrow through his heart.
CH, Do you think LeBron made a boneheaded decision to join the Lakers instead of negotiating a deal with his former team? He thinks he can get the Lakers to buy him an all-star supporting team but that is not in the cards. NBA audience is down like 15% on TV. I think him moving to LA and the 3 hr. difference to watch him contributes to that.
Buckeye, When we run out of vodka then I will sit around and think we are doomed. Currently, I am on The Ledge waiting, as we all are. TomR, I don't mean to slander you in any way. It's just that you are too optimistic in my estimation. I am a disciple of Chuck Knox who famously told his 1979 Rams team: "If you live in hope, you will die in shit." Wisdom to live by, TomR.
Steph, Thought of that too:) Surber should add to his list.
JMH, Yeah, there are no cheap medical schools with lots of American kids in VZ.
LeBron James doesn't make the NBA all-star team for the first time in 11 years.
Geezus, Ext! Won't that advice bring back Eye Doctor and Dana?
Joan, Our prayers are with you and all of Oklahoma. My dad lived in Tulsa when he was on a refinery project there. Back in the early 70's before he went up to Alaska for the pipeline. He said it was the friendliest people and workers he ever met on a job. That is telling since Construction can breed some nasty SOB's.
jimmyk, Tip O'Neil and Reagan hit it off from the very beginning. But it didn't keep Ronaldus Maximus from vetoing the spending bill that had Tip's Boston Central Artery in there. Those were the days when I earned my keep in DC?
Iggy, See if this opens for you. F1 circuits rated.
Only Honda's and Chevy's running at Indy. Iggy, There is a great critical review of all the F1 racing venues. The Japanese track is first followed by Spa in Belgium. There are several tracks that don't pass muster and should be dropped. It's behind a paywall but I'll see if I can post the list.
Not letting me post a comment with link.
WTF.? How did that happen?
Coopers Beach is just down the street from me. If you’re not a village resident it’s $45.00 a day to park there. It’s why you see so many visitors take the shuttle from Monument Square in the village.
I consider The Ledge a metaphor for “waiting” not for dissing Trump’s lack of urgency. Those on The Verandah are also waiting. There is no suicide intended, or any action other tha waiting. From reading comments here who is not waiting for action against the coup? I support Trump both financially and letters to my Congressman and Senator. What more can I do? Where I live in Florida it’s 90% GOP. My rep is republican as is the rep for Long Island. Both my senators are GOP. Waiting like everyone else.
Coming to a theatre near you: Dean Cain and whoever plays Lisa Page, read their text messages to a live audience of people who will achieve narcolepsy during the readings.
We're losing Chris Cuomo and his lovely wife Regina (she is a friend, him? meh). Probably going to East Hampton, since Southampton Village may be too conservative for them (not).