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Jack Martin
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I will be subscribing, primarily for the forums. I have found the printing forum especially helpful, since people much more knowledgeable than me graciously share that knowledge without the condescension to newbies or tyros often prevalent in such forums. Access to the videos will be a welcome bonus. The price is extremely reasonable.
Is that not the 803 in the picture (Kodak logo)? Domke had a strange numbering system; the 802 was the larger bag. (Sorry if I posted this twice; got bounced back at the verification stage.)
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on The Classic Messenger Bag at The Online Photographer
I have both Photographs and Impossible Reminiscences. I can't say it better than Harrison Cronbi above: I" He shares Erwitt's visual wit, Cartier-Bresson's sense of geometry, the detail-hungry eye of Kertesz, the subject-environmental awareness of Newman." The joy of Impossible Reminiscences is that it shows he had a great sense of colour as well. The "how I worked memoir" sells it short (though that's how it's sold on the back of the book.) Freer and less bound by "classical" photojournalism, I find it inspirational. One can make excuses for oneself by rationalizing "I don't have a Che to shoot," but these photographs, taken on the periphery, or between assignments, inspire one to look beyond the obvious or commonplace shot.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2014 on René Burri 1933-2014 at The Online Photographer
I'm not surprised. I will also not be surprised if the E-5 is in fact the last 4/3 body.
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Jul 30, 2010