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Fascinating stuff. Another example of participatory music-making and graphical scores (which I'm sure you know about...): Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra. Cardew's Treatise is a vast graphical score, with nearly two hundred pages of lines and symbols, and no explicit instructions at all for performers (here's an interesting animated analysis of Treatise). The Scratch Orchestra's use of 'scores' is also interesting - one orchestra member used a dog-eared copy of the Radio Times to guide his improvisations. Also, before they split into Maoist and "bourgeois" factions, the central idea behind the Orchestra was for musicians and non-musicians to gather and (optionally) make sounds. From their Draft Constitution: A Scratch Orchestra is a large number of enthusiasts pooling their resources (not primarily material resources) and assembling for action (music-making, performances, edification). Sorry, I'm wittering on... one last thing: if you get the chance, Luke Fowler's film about Cardew, Pilgrimage From Scattered Points, is well worth watching: it's quite a loose thing, and almost mirrors the creative processes under discussion.
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