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"Penguins fans didn't like our Sidney Crosby post. Too bad. You can still get two t-shirts for $39.99." It looks like a lot of flyer fans weren't happy about it either.
What's most interesting about that stupid cartoon is that Clark says he wants to put his old uniform back on and beat the shit out of Crosby? Wasn't Clarky the PUSSY who had his boys do all of his dirty work for him? When he even dirty hit someone and they went after him, his goons would take care of his work. Flyer fans are such douchebags, the Pens have owned your ass 2 years in the playoffs. You chant Crosby sucks but yet he has the highest average of active players in points per game against you...1.78 or something like that. Sounds like pure jealousy to me. Oh, and they pick winter classic teams based on popularity of the team...
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Jan 7, 2011