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A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Wright Memorial at Kill Devil Hills, where I saw a cut-away model of Charles E. Taylor's engine for the Wright Flyer. Aircraft engines, indeed internal combustion engines of all types, have undergone radical improvements in reliability and efficiency since that time. The future of automobile and light aircraft power is electric. The current limitations will be overcome just as the early limitations of internal combustion engines were overcome. Electric power is just too attractive: 1. More efficient. 2. Less complex. 3. Less pollution (Yes, either nuclear or clean coal). Serial hybrid designs using 2-stroke clean diesel engines offer a way to transition. Here is a link to an innovative car under development which takes advantage of new technology in electric motors and batteries (and can beat the Jaguar XK's 0-60 mph time):
Xavier: My problem with conventional nuclear power is that businessmen, unlike the U.S. Navy, seem to lack the rigor required to enforce safe procedures. Thorium seems to offer the promise of much safer reactors: 1. They will stop if external power is removed. 2. They cannot melt down (no China Syndrome). 3. Big Bonus: They can consume the spent fuel from conventional reactors. India is pursuing thorium reactors in a big way. The link below is to a post at Next Big Future discussing a proposed design:
There was absolutely nothing to be gained by going off on Islam in that setting. She clearly wanted to address China's role in Asia, and any excursion into Islam's manifold faults, as greatly as it might be deserved, would have sidetracked her main point. You know, Sarah just can't catch a break. When she's direct and folksy, she's uncultured and simplistic. When she's diplomatic and speaks with finesse, she's clueless. If she had unloaded on Islam, she'd be criticized for her "bull in the china shop" approach.
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I think those of you slamming Major Cook are shooting from the hip. As a civilian (OK, two years active duty US Army '63-'65 at Ft. Sam Houston) I appreciate those of you on active duty keeping me safe. But it seems to me you also want to pick and choose your fights. Unlike the reserve doctor in '91 who suddenly discovered she was a conscientious objector when summoned for the Iraq war, I think Major Cook is doing us all a tremendous service. All of the law suits filed up to now about Obama's eligibility were dismissed because the plaintiffs were judged to have no standing to sue; that is, they could not demonstrate being materially affected. Major Cook, on the other hand, is in a much better position. And once a law suit begins, you have discovery, which can be used to pry loose the facts about Obama's birth. Granted the Constitution has taken some licks lately, but are you really saying "Oh, we'll probably lose, so lets not attack in the first place"? My problem with the birth certificate business is if we let him get away with it, he'll think he can get away with trashing it even more. Sometimes battles must be fought with the law rather than arms. How about giving Major Cook the benefit of the doubt until the matter is resolved?
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