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So the argument is that congestion will increase to the max, because driverless cars will be very cheap to run? I disagree that they will be. ELECTRIC cars will be cheap to run, and of course the saved driving time will be a huge economic benefit. Also parking can be automated, and can even be located some distance away form need, so can be much cheaper than present. But the scarce resource is what will be charged for, and that means the road space itself, and suggests that toll roads are almost inevitable, unfortunately. In that case, everyone will end up paying per mile, regardless of owning a car or not, so the incentive to own one for cost reasons will disappear - it will be a luxury choice, although possibly a popular one. The real expense will be actually using the roads. And to sell that I imagine the marketing and pricing will be similar to mobile phones, where you get packages of free miles in a certain level of car, then pay per mile after that, etc. Possibly there will be multiple levels of tolls too, where some routes are congested and others not. I guess it depends on how far different countries fall for the free-markets-are-king mantra.
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Nov 26, 2015