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Jack Santos
Interests: Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, anything that gets me into a mode of "think different"
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No real argument here. But having a CIO try to sell to his/her business that the existence of 700 (or more) services justifies IT is a little much. I don't disagree that IT needs to decompose what it does, and how it offers it. ITIL does us a service that way (no pun intended). But making it core to the dialogue with the business is the exact opposite of what CIO's need to be doing...we are already regarded as bit-headed, detail oriented, knob twiddlers as it is. Waving the flag of 700+ services is NOT a business dialogue. Does any business think that its success or failure is predicated on their ability to define finely tuned and sharply delineated business processes? I think not. It is important to IT, tho, especially for data and application architecture. So is it worth doing for IT? No doubt. But as a basis for a business dialogue at the executive level? I don't think so. I whole heartedly agree with your statement that, ultimately, "whether a business has too many or few services is measured by usage and the number of exceptions" well as by expectations. Not all businesses are the same. Thanks for the feedback! Jack
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2009 on The 700 Club at Executive Advisory Program
Great add-on's, Joseph. In many companies, I am not sure "bored" is the right term. "nervous", "overworked" (as colleagues get let go, and work gets piled on) might be better. My experience is that drops in sales/revenue don't immediately impact IT personnel workload -- but accumulate until it's a change in budget -- which often results in cutting staff. I don't see a lot of people in IT sitting around on their hands, except when they are waiting for the shoe to drop.... Can't agree more with ways to stay accessible...and have written research on solid blog techniques to do that (the modern replacement to the department newsletter). We should also be thinking about creative ways to recognize and more than ever. Jack