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The other thing that this has been victory for in Toronto is evidence based policy. It's truly shocking the information vacuum in which the subway people were operating and the complete lack of planning, strategy, guidance or leadership from the Mayor's office. I'm far from a transit expert (just an interested observer) and I could have easily put together a better case for a subway on Sheppard than these people managed. Nonetheless, the politics of this is fascinating: how an uneasy of coalition of auto uber alles supporters with dedicated technophiles tried to use suburban resentment to drive a costly infrastructure project, in direct opposition to the Mayor's "Gravy Train" mantra. The entire pro-subway was such a ragtag group of massive contradictions that their only real chance of accomplishing anything was with effective leadership. Given that all they had were the Ford Bros. I'm genuinely shocked they actually got 19 votes. I wish that this entire debate were getting more play outside of Toronto, particularly in Metro Vancouver where we may have a similar debate coming up. While the players and particulars are different (thankfully, no one near the incompetence of the Fords) the media will still likely cast it in the same light of a light rail vs. Skytrain. Many of the same questions will have to be asked to planning for a route versus network planning and as well where we go after this.
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Mar 25, 2012