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As a fun fact, when I was in England (I was 10) we did head out to Avebury, planning to see the standing stones after a quick afternoon's drive. Of course, we initially thought it was at Alesbury. And they directed us to Amesbury, if I remember correctly. It is worth noting that none of these towns are remotely close to each other. That said, the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at was lovely.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2010 on WoW and the World at Leafshine: Lust for Flower
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I have great envy of you, and many Emblems of Frost.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2010 on Luck of the Drunk… at Leafshine: Lust for Flower
1 reply One, and only. Go me. :)
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While I'm guessing that's merely your desktop, the idea of the wave crashing upon the rocks does seem thematically appropriate, doesn't it?
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But.. but... who will be the industry voice sympathetic to the little guys now?
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on 451 Weeks at Click Nothing
Excellent to hear about the PDFs. I've been hungering to get a PDF of "The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault". Will that be one of the books on
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Mar 7, 2010