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Jackson Baer
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Although limited in time, He did well at the debate tonight. Ron Paul won't win Florida but I hope he does better than 10%. I don't know why his appeal is so limited in the Southern states. Are my Southern friends that opposed to his foreign policy and the idea of living by the Golden Rule? I'm from Georgia and I just don't get it. Paul is fiscally conservative and stands for liberty and freedom.
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It's funny how so many Christians get upset at the fact that God will save all yet are fine with Him damning most. Love is the greatest commandment, to love God and love others. God's love & mercy endures forever. If it only endures in this lifetime, what good does that really do? Jesus' sacrifice was and is enough and will translate to the afterlife. God will take care of those who reject Him in this life but He will not write them off forever. His will is stronger than ours and the Scriptures teach that He wants all men to be saved.
Just keep speaking the truth and you'll continue to rise Mr. Paul. He's the only consistent candidate running and the only one that you can take his word on something.
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Nov 19, 2011