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Marie Arana, "Bolivar: American Liberator"😉
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2016 on Audible Recs at Revolutions
To all fans of Revolutions podcast: Version 2 of The French Revolution with Prof. McPhee, of the University of Melbourne, a MOOC (free) will launch July 7 of this year. I strongly feel that avid fans who have been following Mike's program--and those who are also interested in continued studies on the French Revolution--will have a competitive edge with others around the world. I will be participating again, and encourage all Revolutions fans to consider jumping in, hopefully with Mike's help we can all make the discussions more LIVELY ;). (and if you have the money, you can earn a Verified Certificate in the course courtesy of the University of Melbourne and note, the link below takes you to last year's pages/material (Version 1).
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2015 on 3.30- The 250th Episode at Revolutions
History Channel Mini-Series in the American Revolution Hello all fans of Revolutions podcast! I'm sorry this so late in coming, given that we are halfway thorugh the French Revolution; nevertheless... The History Channel, right now, has a relatively new mini-series set in the American Revolution. "Sons of Liberty". Episode 1 "Independence", appears to take place just after the Boston Tea Party, and it also appears that the series is focusing on Sam Adams.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2015 on 3.24- The September Massacres at Revolutions
//that was supposed to be "face" behind the voice--not ace.
Its a pleasure to finally meet the ace behind the voice of the History of Rome & Revolutions Series 1 & 2. :) I will add my comments on the video segment as soon as i see the WHOLE THING. I wanted to point out to the rest of the following (no pun intended) of two episodes on the American Revolution of another iTunes U (podcast) program. the program is produced by UT-Austin, and its called 15-Minute History. The two-part episode(s) on The American Revolution is from a Global aspect, henceforth titled as such. Episode 32: The American Revolution in Global Context, Part I 14:37 James M Vaughn, Henry A Wiencek 15 Minute History iTunes U Episode 33: The American Revolution in Global Context, Part 2 13:02 James M Vaughn, Henry A Wiencek 15 Minute History iTunes U apparently I cannot copy the hyperlink into this box, but that is as much info as I can transcribe for you.
has anyone had inexplicable trouble playing episode 003 on their mobile devices, recently? when released, it played just fine, but starting yesterday, it is a "ghost" (it loads through itunes, but otherwise does not play, then is blanked out). the device will play everything else.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2013 on 1.03- The Bishops' Wars at Revolutions
I recall from your early mini-series on Caesar Augustus (Octavian), that you took pains to eludidate the difference between modern-day use of the term "emperor or imperator" where princeps was the more precise title. Yet I feel very lost, or I think I missed somehting that by the time of the Trajan episodes, you mention "throne". did the princeps evolve into a king of rome (in the sense a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet)? In other words, when did Rome start having a king by another name, where they were concerned about secession as oposed to elections?
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on 79- The Dacian Wars at The History of Rome
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Mar 30, 2010