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Jacob Gill
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I'm an independent Android developer who just released my third project, The Infinite Black, which is an MMO created on a budget of zero in under two months. Although it's still in a beta state, many of my users are coming back every day for 2+ hours a day, and begging for the opportunity to pay-to-play longer (it uses a turn-limited system soon to be fed with microtransactions). My previous game, Fortunes of War, was created on a budget of zero in about two months as well, and has had reasonable success. It more than paid back the rent/bills/time/equipment it took to create. I get feedback from many users who say it's one of the only games they keep playing on their phone daily, and the metrics from my ad revenue reflect that. While I understand where you're coming from with this article, which may be accurate for many developers, my personal experience leads me to believe that indies shouldn't be nearly so discouraged. I've never had anything remotely like a budget of 100k, or even 10k, but I'm seeing respectable income from my creations that has let me continue to develop more. If you have the skill to execute a solid idea, and can spare the time it takes to get it to market, then go for it!
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Aug 13, 2011