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@Huge Loser -- The USPS's fate is very much tied into the decisions Netflix makes and vice versa.
Does this mean more subcontracted post offices, because those are great! Depending on the location, the lines and business hours are usually better than the official post office.
I'm one of the few that is fine Netflix' decision, but I looked at subscription costs and with current promotional rates it will be cheaper for me to get 2-out from Blockbuster and stream from Netflix rather than get it all from Netflix, so that's what I'll do. If Blockbuster raises prices I'll reevaluate. No big deal.
This is all very entertaining. Feel free to keep it up. Suffice it to say that regardless of why, Netflix does not offer the same quality/quantity of disc-based product they once did. They used to make available a high percentage of released Blu-Rays, catalog or new. They have apparently since changed strategies and no longer desire to provide the same types and percent of releases as before, including catalog titles, many TV shows, and certain streaming titles. While this is certainly their right, regardless the reason, it is also my right as a consumer (who once gave Netflix great praise) to be unhappy with and express dissatisfaction with the policy changes and the decision to no longer provide said titles. I'm not going to make a list of every title I specifically want to see that they don't carry (there are many and the "list" is quickly growing), but when I do decide watch a release, if it is released on Blu-Ray I'm not going to waste my viewing dollars watching a subpar DVD or stream. If I have to buy/resell to see what I want, I will do so, but in the past Netflix met my needs. Now it doesn't for whatever reason. Therefore, I am no longer a satisfied customer.
I would be more than happy to pay more if it meant I could get every single Blu-Ray release. Newer members may not realize that one of the biggest benefits of Netflix used to be its extensive collection of discs, albeit with the caveat that they didn't often provide re-releases (other than Blu-Ray). If a movie had been released on disc, no matter how obscure, chances are you could find it on Netflix. Much to our disappointment, Netflix no longer seems to care about having the most extensive library. Now all they seem to care about is whatever titles they can most cheaply stream.
To those who refuse to believe that Netflix is indeed missing an ever-increasing wealth of titles on Blu-Ray, I point you to, which lists many Blu-Rays BB carries that Netflix doesn't. Also, copied from another post on this site is the below smaller list of Blu-Ray titles missing from Netflix. There are many more, especially TV shows on Blu-Ray, but these were easily found with a quick Google search. A.I. Artificial Intelligence All About Eve Bad Lieutenant A Beautiful Mind The Bridge on the River Kwai Broadcast News The Color Purple Crumb Deadwood Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Exit Through the Gift Shop The Exorcist It's a Wonderful Life Lost in Translation Once Upon a Time in America Paths of Glory Psycho The Red Shoes Rain Man The Sound of Music South of the Border Sweet Smell of Success Taxi Driver Thelma & Louise Topsy-Turvy Tromeo & Juliet Back To The Future Trilogy Alien Anthology The Goonies Mortal Kombat Tremors Uncle Buck Fiddler On The Roof Road House The Ten Commandments Arthur King Kong (Fay Wray version) All The Presidents Men
I despise what Netflix has become. 2 years ago I would have given them 4 1/2 stars as a company. Pretty much everything about their service was fantastic. Today, I would only rate them 1 1/2. I only wish I weren't among the minority, because apparently most of their subscribers are fine with crappy streaming, rental discs (oh how I hate these), and lack of catalog Blu-Rays.
I don't care about the streaming. I want the Blu-Rays I'm paying extra for. All the Blu-Rays (TV Shows, catalog titles), not just the new release movies. Blockbuster Online carries most of them, but their turnaround times are very slow.
Please tell me these titles will be streamed in HD. If the quality is as bad as Starz Play, it won't matter how recent the titles are. On the other hand, if they will be in HD, this is fantastic news!
I have no problem with their TV selection. Especially since a lot of it is in HD. My problem is that a lot of their streaming MOVIES use the slightly above VHS quality Starz Play. I can see a better picture on standard definition cable.
Not until they get rid of the abomination that is Starz Play. Are you kidding me? It's less than DVD quality.
Yes, and I realize it's their right, but it pisses me off. It's extremely annoying to pop in the disc, and see that bare menu screen pop up with no choice but to just watch the movie.
I hate that people do this. I rely on the crowd-sourced reviews to get a feel for if I want to see a particular disc. There are better means of making your complaint known.
The option is fine, but I would never use it. If a Blu-Ray exists, I will wait as long as it takes to see the Blu-Ray instead.
I've received several in the past year having portions of the disc that wouldn't play. A few of those were due to cracks, one or two outright broken. I think I have only received cracked ones in cold weather, though, so that may have something to do with it. Also, I think I've only received one this winter. Others were last year.
1080P is a must. If I have a choice between streaming in 720P, much less standard def, and getting a Blu-ray, I'll get the Blu-ray every time.
I guess I'm not the only one who has found Netflix's predictions to be uncannily accurate. I've rated almost 1700 movies/TV show seasons, although it didn't take nearly that many ratings for it to become accurate. I can watch something, pick a rating, go to Netflix and 95% of the time their prediction is within .5 stars. Impressive.
The more options the better, but I will ALWAYS wait for the Blu-ray, even if it takes a month or two.
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Dec 15, 2009