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Jacob Schweitzer
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My priceless Eagles moment took place on December 28, 2008. It was the last Sunday of the NFL regular season and the Eagles needed a miracle to make to playoffs. On the Friday before the game I had to convince my best friend to buy tickets with me so I could go to my first Eagles game. Knowing that the chances of making the playoffs were slim, I was just hoping to see the Eagles end the season in style by defeating the Cowboys. During the tailgate, I was constantly checking scores on my phone needing Houston to beat Chicago and Oakland to beat Tampa Bay. Seeing that the scores were close we got excited and decided to go in the stadium. However, when we got in the Linc something unusual was going on. No one was in their seats. Every Eagle fan was packed in the concourse watching and pulling for the Texans and Raiders. When I watched the Raiders, 13 point underdogs, beat Tampa Bay I knew this would be a day I'd remember forever. Eagles fans going crazy in the concourse up until kickoff is something that will probably never happen again. It shaped up for an Eagles vs. Cowboys showdown with the playoffs on the line and couldn't get any better! The rest is history as the Eagles crushed Dallas 44-6 and were heading to the playoffs. Experiencing my first ever Eagles game, watching the unthinkable happen, and beating Dallas to make the playoffs was certainly Priceless!
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Sep 22, 2011