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Western, PA
passionate about helping nonprofits tell their story and expand their reach
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There is a mindset that online means free or at least cheap that we need to change. A lot of free services and open source software can appear free, but neither truly are. They require staff time to keep them up and keep them effective. Because there is this impression that everything should be free, it becomes difficult to get the budget to use paid for online services. If that attitude didn't exist, all but the very smallest organization would be able to find an extra $20 a month (just a guess on Ning's final price) in their budget to pay for Ning. I think you begin to change that attitude by showing the real value of these networks to your organization. Fundraising dollars would be nice, but getting decision makers to agree on engagement metrics is probably better. If you can show a clear benefit, then costs are a lot easier to justify. I'll say more obvious things later.
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Apr 20, 2010