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This is interesting for a few reasons. First, Hispanics are now classified as white by the US Census Bureau, so it's not clear how Hispanics are still considered "people of color." Second, the use of "minority" is misleading as the majority of the world's population is "people of color." Most significantly,abandoned and foreclosed properties become dilapidated. These dilapidated properties lower the property values for remaining home owners, which impacts tax revenues, and therefore services and thus creates a cycle that ultimately robs the residents of their over-all wealth, but more importantly safety and well-being. How will these lawsuits remedy these issues?
I'm curious to know how difficult it would be to pursue criminal charges. A criminal charge and conviction of at least of the perpetrators would hopefully deter the practices.
Interesting dispute. I suggest you do a search for the Elgin Marbles and take a look at that argument. Basically, the question is should the US, British and other western governments return the culturally significant pieces taken from ancient civilizations such as India, Africa, the Middle East or other countries during colonization, war, or slavery. I have mixed feelings. I like to see these things at the museums and it serves to educate me and others; however, I understand the desire to have the culture on the home front.
Interesting story. I wonder why it has taken so long for the government to act on these fraudulent practices. I am also curious about military personnel and their families being targets. Why isn't the government providing life skills to these individuals so they are aware of the scams and able to make better decisions about engaging in business with these people? Also, who is overseeing the AGS? I had an issue with a debt purchaser that it took me two states (New Jersey and Nebraska) and two years to resolve; however, the company (Merchant Credit Adjusters - MCA) is still in business and the state (Nebraska) refused to initiate an investigation into what I maintain were fraudulent practices by the company (Merchant Credit Adjusters - MCA). Even the alleged original debt holder (Township of Montclair) said it was unaware of the debt. So, how can you buy a debt that does not exist and harass a person for collection?
I hope it works. As is so often the case, when the ecomony is bad, people begin to look for explanations and differing ethnicities often become an issue. There was a study published last year (May, 2011) in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, which showed that whites felt more discriminated against. Given the numbers on who has hiring and firing authority, this will likely continue to be an issue until the economy improves.
Interesting that the police allowed them to cup up the stairs of the Supreme Court. After 911, security was changed so that everyone has to enter through the side door after going through a security screening. I wonder if these folks realize that they may have been allowed to protest, as people, at a major symbol of freedom.
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Jan 4, 2012