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Jada Oh-SoOffensive SelfRighteousbeeyotch-Ferris
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I *must* email this to my hubby. Immediately. All these years, he thought it was MY fault. Whew!! So relieved to know others experience the lure of the eye. lol Also, I have a firmly held belief that when you pass between those two sets of sliding doors, you are in another dimension, where time and money both fly right out from under you!!! May I also site my other (newer) nemesis? Five Below. I cant walk in there without finding 20 things I "absolutely NEED!!" and leaving with a bgful of useless junk. How on earth did they get me to fall for such a scam? Because I rationalize everything with "well, its only $5!!" But.... I fail to acknowledge that its basically a (slightly) higher end dollar store, where they have made me totally oblivious to the fact that I am paying 5 times as much as I would at said dollar store. :/ Fail. Oh, and building a Five Below right next to our local Target?? Probably the reason for the increasing divorce rate. For real. LMAO
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2012 on shopping at Target® at Crappy Pictures
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Feb 2, 2012