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Worst gift? Can't really think of anything. I always give a nice long list of things I want, and then people can choose off of it... Best gift - the wooden recorder my dh got my for my first birthday after we got married, and then the birth of my best friend's baby last night! YAY! (She also posts here occasionally) I would LOVE a foot spa - at the moment I use a big plastic bowl filled with hot water and bath salts... But I've been looking around for a while...
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I have found that as the years have passed each one becomes more and more hectic, and you get around to doing less and less of what you want to do, unless you are VERY lucky of course... I am fortunate in that my work doesn't require travelling, and I don't think I could ever take up a job that required travelling, because I couldn't bear being away from my husband and daughter! Good luck, and at least try to have a little fun...
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Just finished watching it, and it is the full 10 minute clip. Very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I also have PCOS. I have had one round of artificial insemination in 2003 that was unsuccesful, and then my husband lost his job and we haven't been able to try again since, but we are looking are starting to try again next year. Your story really give me hope. Thank you!
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1. What do we have in common? Infertility? Motherhood? Being gorgeous and divine? All of the above? - Infertility (Classic PCOS); Motherhood (Thanks to the blessing of adoption) 2. How did you find me? - A friend referred me to your website because of the infertility and your wonderful story! (I have yet to read your book though - supposed to borrow it from said friend) 3. Do you comment? If yes, thanks! If no, how come you don’t? - Just started. I've been too busy in the past couple of months to really follow, but have just started catching up and posted my first comment today! 4. What aspects of my blog (if any) do you enjoy? - All aspects - Stories, hilarity, reality, etc... 5. What do you wish our conversations were more about? - Nothing really, I like your posts as they are! 6. What do you wish I would shut up about? - Haven't found anything yet... Reading your posts helps me to identify things that I am going through and to laugh at things that I have experienced. 7. I am fascinated by all the different places we are from. Where are you from? - JHB (West Rand), South Africa 8. Lastly, any tips, suggestions, adorations or pieces of assvice? - Keep up the good work! I am loving your blog!
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My adopted daughter turned 2 in October, but she has been throwing temper tantrums since she was just a couple of months old (Screaming in a temper in her cot for up to 3 hours!). The way we have dealt with it is by ignoring it until she either stops or until it changes from the "MOTHER AND FATHER I HATE YOU FOR NOT GIVING ME WHAT I WANT!!!" to "Mommy, or Daddy, I could really do with a hug and a cuddle about now..." We also work with "time-outs". We tell her to stop something, and she has to the count of 3 to stop, at which point she is sent to the bathroom for her time-out if she hasn't. We also do this in public. We ensure that we know where the rest rooms, etc are so that if need be we can aim straight there to do a time-out. Most of the time she pushes to 2 and then stops. She is very determined and is always pushing and testing boundaries. We also ignore her if she calls us by our names rather than Mommy or Daddy. We have learnt that the most important thing in discipline is consistency. This is the only way to really understand what is and isn't acceptable. Good Luck!
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