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Renu Jain Chandarana
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Now if only they could correctly spell RENEW and my life (and other Renu's out there) would be so much easier. I would say about 8 out of 10 times when I get introduced to a new person who is unfamiliar with my name they'll say "Renu...OH! YOU MEAN LIKE THE CONTACT LENSE SOLUTION?" And that's when I point out that actually, that is BIG R, little e, BIG N, little u....I guess now it's all lowercase...I guess it's a blessing I don't wear contacts or else I'd paying for my name!
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May 3, 2010
interestingly, do you know how I remember the Saturn brand? Sitting in the SUB at UBC, a group of marketers came up to me and asked me to fill out a survey. In return they gave me a twoonie. I filled it out...all about Saturn and whether I knew the brand. I'll never drive one (I guess no one really will!) but I'll always remember the twoonie.. :) give away $$, marketing at it's best. Excellent Blog Avni, I look forward to reading more!
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May 3, 2010