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Piyush Jain (PJ)
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
UCLA Anderson first year MBA student with an interest in healthcare and consulting. Nomad - Lived in 11 cities across 6 countries. Indian, Squash player, MCFC fan & Social junkie.
Interests: MBA, health, web, science, technology, soccer, squash, movies, travel
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The same is reproduced on Financial Times MBA Blog - The winter quarter at UCLA Anderson brings On Campus Recruiting (OCR), changing the entire mood around the school. This year, a diverse set of companies started visiting, conducting internship interviews with first-year full-time MBA students. Happy hours were replaced with interview-practice team meetings and queues at the career management center seemed longer than those in food cafes. The finance companies wrapped up their recruiting by the end of January, whereas the big tech and consulting firms are conducting subsequent rounds. Alums, career advisors and second-year coaches have been very helpful during the process, as is the internal database which helps students tap into a wealth of knowledge regarding interview questions and best practices. What I learnt: Do not compare yourself to other candidates. Different industries have different recruiting cycles, so it is just a matter on time before you will land your desired internship. And remember – every failed interview is only practice towards cracking the job you really deserve. Congratulations to all those who have secured their internship and good luck to everyone else. My not-so-nervous colleagues waiting for their interviews Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2015 at The MBA Student Voice
Originally posted on Financial Times MBA Blog - Day-on-the-Job events are onsite visits to companies to learn about MBA opportunities and get a sense of work culture. A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit tech companies in Seattle and Silicon Valley. I was surprised by the number of companies we could visit. UCLA Anderson and on-campus High Tech Business Club (HTBA) did a great job organising this trek of more than 150 students. Below is snapshot of my tech trek week. Friday 11/14 Left for Seattle immediately after 12:45 pm class. Completed economics and accounting homework during travel. Saturday 11/15, Sunday 11/16 Lunches with Anderson alums in Microsoft and Amazon. Little bit of site seeing – Visit to the space needle, Microsoft Bellevue office, Pike Place Market and Discover Park. Spent an evening researching about latest developments in companies which I will be visiting. Monday 11/17 Amazon Company visit was in Seattle downtown. We were fortunate that it did not rain during our stay. According to a weather company, Seattle has 226 cloudy days per year. Our visit included a tour and panel discussion to learn about different MBA roles, work culture and recruitment process. After Amazon, we visited Nordstrom to learn about their e-commerce operations and visited their first retail store in downtown Seattle. Also attended an alumni and student mixer in the evening to meet alums in a more informal setting. Tuesday 11/18 Similar activities were organised for us in Microsoft headquarters, which... Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
Originally posted on Financial Times MBA Blog - The first question that came to mind when I saw my MBA schedule was what will we do for almost three weeks of orientation. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Westminster, we had a total of three days orientation. But business school is a different ball game. Section C - My assigned section The first year class was divided into five sections and pitted against each other for the section cup, which was awarded at the end of orientation. I have highlighted a few of the activities here: Scavenger hunt – UCLA is a huge campus and the scavenger hunt was one of the best ways to explore it and get to know my learning team. We do most of our assignments in our learning team, which comprises of five to six members. Photos here Game day – I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun in one day. We had volleyball, Wiffle ball, dodgeball, kickball, trivia, and tug of war. The team aspect of each sport really brought the diverse people together. Photos here Odyssey challenge – The Odyssey rope challenge was all about confronting your fears, trusting your team, and pushing yourself. One of the activities was to climb on top of a tall tree log and jump off. By the end of the three weeks, I must have met most of my 360 classmates and made some great friends. The icing on the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
Originally posted on Financial Times MBA Blog - Although we still have 10 days before our orientation, UCLA Anderson has kept us on our toes both professionally and socially. I was accepted onto the course in May and since then have received weekly emails from admissions and student affairs teams. Some of the activities are: Meets-ups – A journey is best measured in friends. Both the business school and the students organise local meets in most major US cities and international locations such as Shanghai and Delhi. Since I have arrived in Los Angeles, I have been meeting students during Sundowners, a weekly UCLA Anderson happy hours get-together. Career search – Although most applicants have a strong story for business schools, they are not bound to it once they get admitted. Business schools make us aware of different industries and functions, some of which may not even be on our radar. Over the summer, UCLA Anderson has shared various career guides and alumni work profiles for us to get a sense of each industry or function. Networking – The buzzword of business schools. I have been consolidating my existing network and reaching out to second and third degree connections in my industry of interest. Moving in - For international students, this is like starting a whole new life. We have to apply for fresh IDs, bank accounts and a social security number. Staying in university housing is an easy option but the set-up cost is still considerable. Travel –... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
Posted on behalf of Nikhil Punnoose, who was unable to post from his mobile. Walking through beautiful St. Mark's Square in Venice, taking one last look at the magnificent sculptures and buildings, reflecting on the end of my wonderful month-long trip through Europe, and simultaneously looking through my mail and staggering at the incredible number of things I am supposed to finish even before orientation, one thought keeps running through my head: what have I gotten myself into for the next two years? Alright, I exaggerated. For one thing, nobody can do all that at the same time. For another, this place (I am really writing this while waiting in a hour long line for St Mark's Basilica) is so chock full of tourists that if you don't pay attention you're bound to stumble into somebody (or get your pocket picked). Most of all, I feel confident that UCLA would not have admitted me if they didn't think I could handle it (you can't kick me out now, right? Right?). But as someone with less than three years of work experience in the very specialized field of oil services, I had always been concerned about how exactly I could break in to the very competitive field of energy consulting. Which is one reason why the company research, networking spreadsheets and all the other "homework" is actually helping to bolster my confidence. I think its fantastic that we are getting so much guidance and support even before we have completed our... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
Originally posted on Financial Times MBA Blog - The shortest I have lived in a city is six days and the maximum is five years. I was only six days old before my parents moved from Karnal, a small town in northern India to Bangalore, also known as the Electronic City of India. Since both my parents were working, I would spend my day with three different families, who were speaking three different languages. Before I even knew it, I had moved to three cities in India and three countries in the Middle East by the age of 12. And that’s how discovering new places and experiencing new cultures became a passion. I did my undergraduate degree in London and during those three years I travelled extensively in Europe. I have been working in Bahrain for the last two years. After going through the emotions of deciding to pursue an MBA it was relatively easy for me to answer the “where?”. Having lived in Asia and Europe, North America was my obvious choice. This fall, I am starting my full-time, two-year MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management in the heart of Los Angeles. I could not have asked for a more diverse and dynamic place to pursue my education. Through my posts, I will document my journey as I make my transition from the Middle East to the west coast and from a life of an oil & gas professional to a UCLA student. As an international candidate,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
Like most B-school applicants, I applied to a bunch of schools and was very fortunate to choose between top business schools both in US and India. Anderson became one of my top choices as I learnt about the school through current students, alumni, forums, admission chats and the school website. As an international student, I was unable to visit the school but I recommend all prospective applicants to invest in this exercise. You not only experience the school's culture but also strengthen your application. I still remember the email and phone call I received from the Anderson admissions team. I struggled to open my application on the tiny iPhone screen and read the admission offer letter multiple times before breaking the news to my friends and family. Why UCLA Anderson? For me, UCLA is an awesome school with a global brand and which will give me a solid general management education, not to mention its in southern California so the lifestyle and weather is outstanding. It attracts a broad array of industries in recruiting including top consulting and Fortune 500 firms. India vs USA You really can’t compare Indian business schools to schools in United States. The schools are catering to different markets. It’s like comparing apples to mangoes. Since I had to decide between the two countries, I did my due-diligence. India scores more on the economy growth front, job placements numbers, and cost. But, US schools such as Anderson stand out for job readiness, leadership, exposure, diversity and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
"California! Here we come!" Phantom Planet - California I can’t remember how many times I have played this song since receiving my admission offer. I am truly ecstatic to join the Anderson family as a MBA 2016 candidate and as a student blogger. Hello everyone. Before I begin sharing about my transition from Middle East to Los Angeles, I would like to introduce myself in this post. My name is Piyush and I am originally from India. The literal meaning of my name in Hindi language is elixir of immortality. Although I am aging too, I can share some tips to live longer. I was born in a small town in north India called Karnal, which is also home to late Kalpana Chawla, first Indian-American astronaut and first Indian woman in space. I was only one week old before I started moving because of my father's job. I’ve ventured around the world and called seven cities across five countries my home. I’ve shared rooms with students belonging to over 15 different nationalities during my university days in London. I mainly grew up in Gulf countries, which includes UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Saudi Arabia is the only country missing on my list since my parents choose not to move there because of strict Islamic laws. I am now living in Bahrain and have seen the current Middle Eastern crisis unfold in front of my eyes. Professionally, I am a biotech graduate with experiences in cluster development, retail, e-commerce, and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
Enjoy your travel and see you soon.
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Zafeer, looking forward to meeting you in fall. Next time focus on rapids :P
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