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What's right with the edublogosphere is that I can easily find out what's happening around the world just by opening my Google Reader. Books may take you somewhere in your imagination, but the blogs I read take me to actual places just by clicking on a new link. It's like an online treasure hunt, with everyone able to contribute their own valuable trinket. I don't miss out on conferences anymore because I can live vicariously through the hundreds of people who are willing to share their experiences.
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I feel the same way when I go to most conferences. It's like going to church - those that believe already agree.
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I love what Bill said about people who "uncork" because they feel they are anonymous. And that's always been a plus of blogging in the classroom when the movement first began: Students who don't like to talk in front of their peers now have a place to go to share their thoughts. Many of us as educators pushed the fact that blogging was anonymous so say what you really feel. But like everything, someone will always push the limits, and you get the kind of comments that drags down a post like Bill says above. What bothers me about the edubloggosphere is what was brought up a couple years ago about being at the "cocktail party." Some people just blog for the wrong reasons. They blog because they see it as their ticket to become "a name" in ed tech. I blog so I can forward on some things I think are cool and hopefully make people chuckle. I'm excited when I check my feed and see one person is still reading. I write because I enjoy writing, not to advance my career. I think Bill hit it on the head when he said we need to keep modeling - we need to model writing for pleasure. There's a place for the persuasive essay, but the edublogosphere should be more about informing and entertaining, not an all out promotional blitz. You can create a positive, successful digital footprint without trying to rough up the footprints around you.
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Feb 22, 2010