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Ives, blocked by the US? Or England?
Come on Fulham & Liverpool! Both up 1-0 30 minutes in
Casey is reason enough to bring in more forwards
haha..Van Bommel skilled..haha.. oh, did you mean skilled in the art of chopping players down?
This Barca team isn't even better than last year's version. Eto'o, Henry & Messi plundering over 70 goals, Iniesta in the form of his life...they couldn't be touched. This year's version is unbelievably good, but just a shade less than last year
Jerome, what was boring about Barca v Man U? Xavi controlling play and connecting on over 90% of his passes? Iniesta literally dancing around defenders? Messi, Eto'o scoring highlight reel goals?
You don't care to see the best players for another round? You're stoked about the Lyon v Bayern ties?
I disagree. Its the only time that a team can go from winning to losing in 1 goal so the margin of error is that much smaller. I absolutely love it
Rafeal has to learn how to dribble. I couldn't keep up on the poor touches, he's clean through if he gets the ball out in front of himself
Olic scores from there but couldn't get a shot off when clear through on goal? Crazy
Darron Gibson's last start Mar 6 against Wolves, played 62 minutes. Since that game, 2 appearances totaling 25 minutes. Bit of a gamble to start him? Absolutely. And thats why Sir Alex is fun to have around, he has the guts to take that chance.
Did anyone else rush to put $ on ManU? I sure did
In theory this sounds like something worth experimenting with, but in reality you're asking Jozy, Davies, Demps and LD to adapt to new positions/roles without having played any meaningful games in this formation. It just won't happen. We're more likely to see Jozy and Demps up top together at the start of the matches instead of the end.
"call up similar to Walcott's" is a horrible idea.
"4 matches at most" - thanks for the optimism 2006 Ukraine played 5, 2002 Turkey/South Korea played 7, Senegal 5 and guess who, the USA played 5
Forget Casey and use Jozy, Davies, Demps and LD as your forwards if Ching isn't able to go. And if you question using LD up top, just check out youtube for 10 minutes... Maurice Edu should go bc he can play CB or CM. I think BB needs to experiment with a 4-5-1 with Michael Bradley as the attacking mid, LD & Demps wide, Edu and Rico/Torres/Feilhaber holding mids. (Or Demps as attacking mid, Bradley/Edu holding, Feil/Holden right mid). I think it would be foolish to attempt to use Davies as a starter in all 3 matches, so lets save him for last 30 mins against England then really go for it in the next 2 matches. Spector - DeMerit - Gooch - Boca Feil - Edu - Bradley - LD ----- Demps ----- -------Jozy------
Whiny? I disagree. They're voicing their displeasure at times and trying to push their team on at other times. Just glad to hear them making some noise
Uncontested header...Freddie L has been garbage
Mistake there. Ljungberg should have been taken off
So what wouldn't classify as a first time shot? A first time shot is taken on the first touch, not after its been trapped, rolled and then shot
Can we naturalize Zakuani? Let him have left mid and move LD up top
Montero "first time shot"??? Dude took 3 touches...this commentator is crazy
Gotcha. Might look better in daylight?
Did the ball from Ljungberg really just smack into Coundoul's hands and nearly go in the goal? Yikes
Zakuani just diced Ream