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James Butler
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I wish I could have gone to the NCUE. Thanks for sharing some of the research presented. I'm rearing three separate colonies of bed bugs, for teaching purposes, and I've not had good luck at getting the populations to grow very fast. I feed them on myself. The younger instars seem to not fed enough before they die. I usually let each colony feed for about 30 minutes once a week. How often do you feed?
I've always used a vacuum with pest control. For a pest management professional, I feel it's nearly as important as a flash light. Why leave pesticides and hope they come in contact with the target pest when you can physically remove them from the location? Just good IPM if you ask me.
I was at the bed bug summit and agree on your comments. It was a great opportunity for stakeholders to come together and I'm hopeful of the outcome. When I get a chance, I'll read your older posts. Keep up the blog!
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Feb 7, 2011