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I can't say I'm surprised. Cameron has gone out of his way to distance himself from all things Conservatism, especially Margaret Thatcher. This is why the only real option for those dwindling number of conservatives in Britain in UKIP.
@ApolloSpeaks, I agree, the ZBig option is highly improbable, but not impossible and you're correct, it is far more likely that Obama & Co., would just compromise an Israeli mission and let the Iranians do his dirty work to destroy the Iranians. Which is what I fear a 2nd Obama term would entail-the abandonment and undermining of Israel-its defense, its economy, its political and diplomatic standing to the point where it is so weakened that the Muslim states surrounding it feel confident enough to attack it. Obama doesn't need to put US troops in harms way or attack Israeli airfighters, all he need do is 'wash the US's hands' of Israel and set them up for attack. As I stated, God help us all.
"I hope I'm wrong about this but I think Obama/Panetta are planning something really evil should Israel actually defend herself on all fronts. Can you spell "humanitarian intervention"?" @ RalphB; Yes, that's the Samantha Power option where US troops are inserted between the Pali's and the Israeli's. Good lord, she's just evil. @ ApolloSpeaks; Yep, ZBig's idea of shooting down an ally is one of the scenarios I was envisioning. That Obama would order US planes to shoot down Israeli pilots is just astounding and disgusting. However, while I can envision President HopeNChange and his cabal of anti-semite lefties and Muslims doing both the invasion and shootdown, I suspect that because this is an election year, Obama can't totally come out against Israel without losing the rest of whatever Jewish vote he hasn't pissed off. Not yet at least. For Obama, the sequence of events in this election year is crucial. Every intelligence group estimates that Iran will have a operational deliverable nuclear weapon within one year. That seems to be the last window of opportunity for Israel to attack and nip Iran's nuclear program for a while. For Obama this is hugely inconvenient because of the 2012 election in November. An Israeli attack now, in March, April, May, or June, does nothing to benefit Obama, especially if Iran has the capability to conduct terrorist and assassination operations on US soil as acts of retaliation for a Israeli airstrike. The Iranian acts of retaliation on US soil & targets post-Israeli attack force Obama to commit US forces to attacking Iran which will lead to 6 or more months of airstrikes, military ops, etc. Should that start in March/April/May that means that by the November election, Americans will be involved in another costly war that will appear to be dragging on, just like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Even if that war gives Obama the appearance of a strong aggressive president instead of a appeasing lefty, it does little to improve his standing among a war-weary American public who might balk at the prospect of another prolonged war. Not much HopeNChange from the guy who promised unicorns, puppies, kittens, waters receding, and healing the planet. However, if Israel is merely forced to postpone a strike within that one year window, thanks to Panetta & Obama 'outing' Israel, then the timing of a August/September/October Israeli airstrike, and subsequent US entry into the war may very well seem to benefit Obama. Let's say Israel does attack Iran in September/October. The Iranians then strike against the US on US soil via terrorists & assassins in sleeper cells. That changes everything especially in the run-up to the presidential election. Obama is forced to declare war against Iran, the country rallies, at least immediately, and in Obama gets a election bump, enough to put him over the top against the GOP candidate, likely Romney. A war-time president is a tough thing to defeat for any challenger, even more so for a guy like Romney with no military experience-his claim for being the most electable guy is due to his time as CEO at a time of financial duress, not a military leader. The other scenario, is that if Iran is successfully able to pull off domestic terrorist acts and assassinations, then Obama as president has a legitimate reason to call for a postponement of the presidential elections, even martial law. Especially if Obama is doing poorly in the pre-election polls. At least until 'domestic security has been established, especially for the voters.' And because it is wartime, Republicans have a hell of a harder time questioning him on the indefinite postponement of elections. Thus Obama gets his 2nd term without being re-elected. Look, I realize this ventures on 'conspiracy theory' territory, but these are extraordinary times, and we have a Chicago-thug president who is willing to 'never let a crisis go to waste.' Whether he's likely to win, in a close race, or behind and desperate, whatever the situation, Obama & Co will do everything to benefit from that situation. What is almost certain is that if Obama is elected he will in his second term, absolutely screw over Israel. Whether he invokes the 'Samantha Power Option' and puts US troops to protect the Pali's, or the ZBig option and shoots down Israeli planes on their way to attack Iran, or merely undermines Israel and enables the surrounding Muslim nations like Egypt with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. to attack Israel the result is the same desired for Obama & co. eg the destruction of Israel. The only real question to be answered for Obama, is how can he benefit from any of the above scenarios. God help us all.
So when can we expect the Feminists (NOW, NAWO-UK, etc) to stage a series of 'Slutwalks' around the world as a protest against Islamic misogyny? [crickets] [crickets] [crickets]
Pamela, you were clear and concise, you had the facts on hand and recalled them deftly. Well done. Also, hello, hello, hello!!! Lookin' sexy as evah..
There's a reason why people refer to UC Berkeley and the city as the 'People's Republic of Berkeley' or 'Kal' and you just saw it on display on the video. Not that you wouldn't encounter similar communist beliefs at other universities, it is the virulence of the leftism at UC Berkeley which is so much more severe than other places.
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Actually, I do believe the US military would go though with 'it' if Obama bribed enough of them with money for budgets and weapons systems and promotions for the generals who would carry it out. Sadly, all too many within the DOD play politics just like the rest of the Beltway crowd. It wouldn't surprise me if Obama and Samantha Power have already sussed out which general would partake in an operation like this and which wouldn't.
No, I am not wrong. Rep. King was and is held back from being an effective voice against Islamofascism because the very same people whom he has been pallomg around with cf. the IRA & Sein Fein are long time associates of the same ruthless evil Islamic terrorists that want to kill us. "prime facilitator in this relationship appears to be the Basque terrorist group eta. Both the Real ira and al-Qaeda have strong connections with eta. The common currency that links these terror groups is drugs. A Scottish newspaper recently wrote, “Bin Laden’s terrorist organization is known to control massive quantities of opium and raw heroin, while the Real ira is suspected of being heavily involved in drugs trafficking” (The Scotsman, Oct. 17). The Spanish El Mundo newspaper reported that the Real ira are involved in laundering cash for al-Qaeda. It is rumored that bin Laden’s bagman for Europe recently set up house in Dublin, Ireland." Link: Represntative King would have my support had he included real Islamofascist experts like Robert Spencer, Andy McCarthy, and Steve Emerson in the hearings. The fact the he omitted them should make everyone suspicious.
"And what does Peter King hope to achieve by sugarcoating the problem we face?" Pamela, the real question that should be asked is 'why is Peter King sugarcoating the problems we face?" The answer: You can't dance with the devil and expect to to just walk away. In Mr. King's case, the devil is his long term habit of playing kissy-face with another terrorist group; The Irish Republican Army and its political wing, Sein Fein. It's rather timely that you published this article on this day, St. Patrick's Day celebrating all things Hibernian and Celtic(I always thought it was a celebration remembering the man who brought Christianity to a pagan nation, not an excuse for wearing green, getting drunk, and screaming, 'I'm fookin' Irish!!!' to all of your friends. This day has become the ugly face of tribalism, anti-Christian ethno-centrism, and hyphenated anti-Americanism that Peter King has been playing around with through his current support for the IRA and by hosting Sein Fein Gerry Adams numerous times. He still performs all sorts of mental and ethical contortions rationalizing his support for IRA terrorism vis-a-vis Islamic terrorism; "King, son of a New York City police officer and grand-nephew of an IRA member, was profoundly affected by the 9/11 attacks on his hometown, New York City, and rejects any comparisons between the IRA and al-Qaeda. "I understand why people who are misinformed might see a parallel," he told the Times. "The fact is, the IRA never attacked the United States. And my loyalty is to the United States." But the IRA did attack, maim, slaughter, and murder citizens of America's ally; Britain. Why the moral bankruptcy isn't apparent to Mr. King is something you'll have to ask him. However, what is clear is that despite Congressman King's moral contortions, in supporting the IRA and Sein Fein he's supported some really nasty evil people. People who have their own long term links to Islamic terrorism; “...In addition to linkages between the PFLP(Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and various terrorist groups in Latin America, Europe, and Japan, PFLP ties to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) are worth noting. According to several sources, these links date back to 1968-69, when IRA cadres reportedly began training in various Palestinian guerrilla camps. During May 1972 this informal arrangement was formalized at a Dublin conference of several terrorist organizations. At this gathering the PFLP pledged assistance to the IRA in the form of arms shipments as well as diplomatic support from various radical Arab states. Among these, Libya had been prominent in its vocal endorsement of the IRA and reportedly has provided five million pounds sterling for IRA operations. Libya also seems to have become a significant source for IRA’s weapons, as evidenced in the April 1973 capture of West German gunrunning vessel, the Claudia, off the Irish coast. The ship was loaded with arms sent from Libya.” Link: All those fundraisers hosted and attended by Peter King for the IRA and Sein Fenn, all those times he's hosted IRA and Sein Fein members in his home has brought Peter King into contact with the same terrorism scum of the earth that is trying to kill Americans and enslave all free peoples. Peter King has long since been comprimised. In my opinion the reason why his congressional hearings were watered down by the conspicuous absence of people like Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson, Andy McCarthy, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Walid Shoebat, Bridget Gabriel, and others is because Peter King was blackmailed in some fashion from his long time relationship with IRA terrorists. I suspect the IRA gave Peter King up to their long-term Islamic terrorist associates over criminal or embarrassing information. Information that held King back from holding a serious investigative Congressional hearing. It wouldn't surprise me if CAIR or ISNA now has some blackmail worthy information about Mr. King's relationship with the IRA gotten through Muslim Brotherhood contacts with the IRA. Sleep well children.
"What happen peter, to many threats coming your way from the Muslim community? " Nope, this is what happens when you sleep with terrorists of any variety e.g the Peter King and the IRA. or rather you let their spokesman Gerry Adams sleep in your house.
Folks, don't waste your time because it's all over before it all started. Nothing will come of these hearings because Peter King is comprimised because of his links to the Irish Republican Army. My bet is the Islamists have some incriminating evidence of King obtained via the IRA who have no reservations about dealing with various Islamic Jihadist groups.
Sorry Pamela, but I never put my hopes in Congressman King to handle these hearings honestly. After all what do you expect from a guy who has spent the past 30+ years playing kissy-kissy with terrorists of the Irish Republican Army variety. He still shills for them. Hell, for all we know the Islamists might have some blackmail worthy material of Peter King obtained via the IRA and all those times King hosted members like Gerry Adams of the political wing of the IRA, Sein Fein.
Yep, that's the direction things appear to headed. Turkey under Erdogan & the AKP have Neo-Ottoman aspirations. Iran is well, Iran, and now Egypt is well on its way to becoming a Muslim Brotherhood state. The best case scenario is that these Islamicist nations try to swallow up other Islamic nations like Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Gulf states, perhaps even Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, et al before trying to destroy Israel. Still, not a lot of time to prepare for Armageddon.
"What followed was 25 or so years of a repressive dictatorship where the Savak increasingly dismantled secular civil society; hence the ability of Khomeini to sweep into power, absent any organized secular opposition." Sorry, that's just not true. The impact of SAVAK while brutal towards a few was in no way comprable to what followed them after the Iranian Revolution. "According to political historian Ervand Abrahamian, "whereas less than 100 political prisoners had been executed between 1971 and 1979, more than 7900 were executed between 1981 and 1985. ... the prison system was centralized and drastically expanded ... Prison life was drastically worse under the Islamic Republic than under the Pahlavis. One who survived both writes that four months under [warden] Ladjevardi took the toll of four years under SAVAK.In the prison literature of the Pahlavi era, the recurring words had been `boredom` and `monotony.` In that of the Islamic Republic, they were `fear`, `death`, `terror`, `horror,` and most frequent of all `nightmare` (kabos)." "All that stood in his way was the tattered remnents of the Iranian Communist Party." That's not true either. There were far, far, far more people behind the ouster of the Shah from the ranks of university students, Iranian intellectuals, working class Iranians, communists, trade unionists than Khomeini's followers. What counted was the effectiveness of the intimidation and violence. On that level no other group could compete with Khomeni's Islamofascist thugs.
"Has it ever occurred to you that the contemporary pervasiveness of conservative Islamic political opposition groups and Islamic extremist groups operating within the Arab world have a lot to do with the domestic policies of reprobates like Mubaral, Asad etc...?" That's just silly and untrue. The primary group identifier for the Muslim Brotherhood is Islam in its religious and political aspects and the institutional imposition of Islam using both violent and non-violent means to implement their ideas of what constitutes a proper government and society, which in the view of the Muslim Brotherhood is based upon Islam. Islam and its political and societal expressions are the raison d'etre of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are quite willing to use violent means to do so. This makes them an entirely different entity than let's say a true democracy movement. Secondly, you're confusing the Muslim Brotherhood with real democracy movements and assuming that they have the same goals. As evidenced from the Iranian Revolution, one saw Iranian university students, intellectuals, trade unionists, communists, and other more secular groups align with the Islamofascist Ayatollah Khomeni against the Shah only to have the Ayatollah's followers put him into power and turn Iran into a brutal theocratic dictatorship that easily killed far, far, far more people than the Shah and his security forces could ever have accomplished. All supporting Khomeni got these various groups was a place in the front line of a firing squad, not democracy. Claiming that supporting these regimes is equally as bad as allowing Islamofascist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood take control of a nation is lazy and misleading. "Perpetuating despotic secular regimes as a method of eradicating extremist groups is not a viable solution." That's as dumb as stating that the US was wrong to support regimes that stopped Communist insurgencies during the Cold War.
Olbermann was wretched. His hysterical rants came of as someone whom hadn't been taking their anti-psychotic medication. He was vile leftwing hatemonger who consistently lied and smeared his opponents. Sadly, I suspect he'll be back in some fashion.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2011 on Keith Olbermann Fired! at Atlas Shrugs
"In todays's Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan continues to shill for the desecration of Ground Zero. It confounds the rational mind." Well Pamela, it shouldn't confound the rational mind when one considers Andrew Sullivan has been injecting testosterone to deal with his HIV Aids for at least the past decade. How else to explain Sullivan's bizarre obsession with Sarah Palin's 'Trig' conspiracies and other erratic behavior? Don't believe me? Then believe it from the horse's mouth; " The He Hormone By Andrew Sullivan ...The chemical I am putting in myself is synthetic testosterone: a substance that has become such a metaphor for manhood that it is almost possible to forget that it has a physical reality. Twenty years ago, as it surged through my pubescent body, it deepened my voice, grew hair on my face and chest, strengthened my limbs, made me a man. So what, I wonder, is it doing to me now?..." Link: So there you have it. Andrew Sullivan injects testosterone to deal with his HIV. What effects long term testosterone use has upon the body and mind in combination with HIV and HIV drugs is an interesting subject that I've not yet read about. Here's the LA Times describing some of the effect of long term testosterone use; "Long-term use of anabolic steroids damages the heart more than researchers previously believed and could be setting up many users for heart disease and death, researchers reported Tuesday. The drugs, which include testosterone and related hormones, are taken by weight lifters and other athletes to boost muscle mass. Research reported in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure shows that they can severely impair the heart's ability to pump blood throughout the body. Previously known side effects of the drugs include liver tumors, jaundice, high blood pressure, shrinkage of the testicles, reduced sperm count, development of breasts, paranoid jealousy, extreme irritability and impaired judgment." Link: Just sayin'...
Well, I expected the MSM to proclaim the return of the messiah with his speech, all too quickly devolved into a 2008 style 'Yes we can' campaign rally. The disappointing part of this has been the fair number of Republicans who are spouting this nonsense as well. I've never felt more disconnected from the establishment type of Republicans and have never felt closer to conservatives like Gov. Palin.
As vile as the false accusations are against Gov. Palin, I have to take some satisfaction from all this in that it's MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, HuffPo, LA Times, BBC, the Guardian, Time, Newsweek, the Daily KOS, LGF, and the rest of the MSM and moonbat left vs. Sarah Palin on a Facebook page. and Palin has given better than she's received. What's been disappointing is the establishment Republicans failing to defend her or the Tea Party from all of these false accusations.
Absolutely. And yes, 'blood libel' was appropriately referenced as so many on the Left repeated the vile false accusation and mantra on Saturday of 'Palin has blood on her hands'. It will be interesting to see what POTUS Obambi does tonight.
Pamela, don't forget this one... "On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?" Sourced, Guardian columns The Guardian, 23 October 2004, Dumb show. There are other examples of left-wing bigotry; Ted Rall on MSNBC calling for violent revolution; Frances Fox Piven(of Cloward-Piven strategy infamy) calling for violence, Rahm Emanuel's infamous 'stabbing dead fish whilst calling out his 'enemies' names party(how Lord of the Flies is that?), and numerous others. Frankly, the past few days of watching the MSM have had all the charm of the media mob lynching of the Duke lacrosse players and Richard Jewel.
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That was disgraceful by CBS and Scott Pelley but it's what I've come to expect from them. It's why I stopped watching '60 Minutes' years ago. Too much 'cocktail party' journalism by lazy journalists like Pelley, NY Times, et al. and not enough thorough investigative journalism by people like Ms. Geller. So whom did 60 Minutes interview for their forumlaic celebrity interview for their third segement?
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No, that's cynical, not a fact of life.
So let me see if I'm clear about this situation: Investing $39 million in Israel is 'bad' presumably because for Harvard Lefties, Israel is "oppressing" Palestinians-a significant portion of whom not only hate Israeli's thanks to things like indoctrinating children, but hate all Jews, women, Christians, et al and via Hamas do their best to try to kill as many Jews as possible via terrorism, launching rockets into civilian areas, and suicide bombers. On the other hand, investing $295 million in Communist China is 'good' in the views of Harvard Lefties because China happens to brutally oppress Tibetans, uighurs, house Christians, Falung Gong members, members in the Democracy movement. That's before one gets to the rampant environmental abuse, exploitation of labor, and widespread corruption. Well, there you have it. More moral and intellectul bankruptcy from the Left. Jews defending themselves from hated-filled nihilistic Muslims is bad. Chinese Communists oppressing lots of different groups and exploiting the environment and the poor is good. George Orwell's 'Newspeak' personified.
Aside the the self-loathing lefty nonsense with in your rant, I frankly think this is a great idea for the Arab-Muslim nations. Then you can have the Communist Chinese, Russians, and Neo-Ottomans playing the 'Great Game' in the Middle East. After all the Russians only managed to kill off a million or so Afghans compared the paltry 10,000 civilians killed in the American-Afghan-Taliban war(mostly by the Taliban). Perhaps we could visit the Chechnyan war and comapare the 200,000 or so Chechens killed by the Russians to get a preview of coming attractions for Muslims. It's not like the Russians go out of their way to avoid civilian casualties like the Americans do. Your rant is a perfect example of the mind-numbing hypocrisy of the Leftist and Islamists when it comes to giving a damn about the lives of Muslims. A million Muslim can get raped, beaten, mutilated, and murdered in the 1971 Bangladeshi War by their fellow Muslims and Muslims don't care. 200-400,000 Algerian Muslims can get slaughtered by other Muslims and Muslims don't care. 400,000 Sudanese Muslims can get raped, enslaved, and killed by their fellow Muslims and not one peep of protest or outrage from Muslims nations. 20,000 Muslims get killed by the Syrian dictatorship and nothing but silence from the Muslim world. The list of massacres, deaths, and other atrocities committed by Muslims against other Muslims in the past 60 years could fill a library and yet to Muslims all these deaths are are a demonstration of the 'Will of Allah'. Nothing the US has and is doing could compare the violence and killing committed by Muslims towards Muslims. What a pathetic religion that Islam is that creates hate, indifference, contempt, and selfishness especially towards its own adherents.