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James Cook
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Ha! One of the last features I worked on before leaving Linden Lab was the removal of last names. Dartagan Sheperd is right -- whenever you have a registration flow for any service you lose signups for each additional step. Picking a last name from a list is unusual for an online service. Potential new users were pretty confused: "why can't I just use the username I use everywhere else?" and/or "why can't I just use my real name?". Of course, I worked at Linden when we added last names (dunno who actually wrote that code). So we've come full full full circle. :-) Cheers, the former James Linden
Web site slow to respond from San Jose, CA. Streaming from a Sony Blu-ray was busted as of 20 minutes ago, lots of error 300, error 600. It makes sense that people in the middle of a stream would be unaffected by a central outage, as the video itself comes off a content distribution network, likely near each customer's ISP. I've also been having intermittent problems loading episodes from Jackie Chan Adventures - a multi-season cartoon show - over the last week.
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Jun 19, 2011