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Daniel James
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I recent tip I've taken to heart for those receiving introductions: it's good practice to move the introducer to BCC on the first reply; they know that the introduction is moving forward, but they aren't going to be getting a lot of 'Can you talk Tuesday at 2pm?' CC spam.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on Art of the Email Introduction at Summation
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A few small corrections; - Although the quote is correct, it's a little out of context. I was speaking about the financial aspects. As a creative platform and community Whirled has been quite successful. - Whirled announced and went into both alpha and beta testing well ahead of Metaplace, iirc around a year or so. The comparison is definitely fair beyond that. - We have no intention of shutting Whirled down; simply because we've failed thus far, financially, does not mean we cannot create success! - We've never planned to make any money through ads in any form. We have shared revenue on virtual goods sales with developers and affiliates (people who link people to Whirled). I'd particularly like this corrected.
Can we please stop reporting on non-news like this? Cumulative registered users is not a useful metric, at all, especially when as in Free Realms case the registration takes place in advance of a large download and install process. If SOE would like to report real usage numbers like daily or monthly active users, revenue, conversion, and other fruits of their "detailed tracking and data crunching" then I'm sure we'd all love to hear it. Registered user numbers should not warrant coverage.
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Feb 8, 2010