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I think Showalter is one of those guys, when he's on your side, you appreciate his quirks. Remember, he came up in the Martin-Pinella Era. He's obviously smarter than Pinella but the histronics are still there. Still, he's a great manager. His ego just rubs people the wrong way. Remember though that Mo, Bernie, and Pettitte all got their starts under him. Jeter and Posada would have the next year. It's amazing to consider how he would be seen today if the Yankees beat Seattle in 1995 ALDS. They were ahead in the last three games needing one win. They lost game 5 in the 11th inning. Because of 1996-2001, we don't talk about 1995 (and 1994) enough. But for Showalter, what a stretch, huh?
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2011 on Home Run Derby at YFSF
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Jul 7, 2011