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James E. Powell
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Anti-immigrant measures are being discussed? Must mean the rich have screwed up the economy again. Unemployment up? Rich people getting bailed out with taxpayers' money while ordinary, average people are struggling? Basic problems with the financial system being exposed? Look, over there, illegal immigrants! The sad part is that it seems to work every time.
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The bear and the duck are part of the infant's world of innocence. They are her "friends" and they are as real as the parents in her infant world. The parents stand at a distance, their attention is focused on each other. The bear and the duck are seated and closer, and they are looking straight at the infant, who is also looking straight them. The bear's arms are open and welcoming. The parents are assured and happy with their child protected by the barbed wire. They do not see or feel their child's dismay and anxiety at the separation and loss.
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