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James Ervin
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What?? I am finally caught up with the Podcast, I move to Austin and I was starting to look forward to perhaps another History of Rome tour and you're ending the series? Nooooo! Ok that was petulant and selfish me talking there. Thanks for your work, I have enjoyed this podcast like no other. I was hoping you'd hold out until the reign of Justinian, but as the father of two boys I perfectly understand what you are going through. This is where I try and think of something clever to say, but given the quality and quantity of the comments I have parsed, I don't think there is much left to say. I just hope that you'll actually get a chance to read the comment, so that I can just say "Thank You." But seriously... Noooo!!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on 173- The Broken Bow at The History of Rome
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Mar 27, 2012