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What little is written of Jesus is unreliable, as it's generally agreed the authors of the gospels were not eyewitnesses and perhaps did not even live in the same lifetime. From what little is written about him, though, it is obvious that his views were radical, humanist, and dealt almost exclusively with ethics. Even taking the fantastic claims of the gospels with a grain of salt, it's likely, due to historical context, that he dealt with religion in his teaching. But, regardless of whether or not we agree with Don Cupitt’s view, considering it can allow for a philosophical analysis of Jesus’ claims about ethics, without having it entangled in metaphysics, mysticism, or fantastic supernatural claims. Don Cupitt is definitely not the first person to suggest this. Thomas Jefferson seems to have been of a similar mind, and created the Jefferson Bible to suit his similar view of a secular Jesus.
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Jan 18, 2010