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In Twilight Princess, Link was left handed in the GameCube version, but right handed in the Wii version. The entire game world was flipped to accommodate the change.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2012 on Easy does it harder at Brainy Gamer
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A number of NES games had save mechanisms. The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy had battery backed memory. Metroid had a code system. But not having a save mechanism was a) less work than having one and b) an easy way to lengthen the game It's a win-win! ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2012 on Easy does it harder at Brainy Gamer
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With technology like Bethesda's character creator, the graphics for procedurally generated new shopkeepers wouldn't be too hard. We're getting closer to being able to generate (highly generic) dialog, too.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2010 on I'm your huckleberry at Brainy Gamer
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Ocarina of Time! ..although by "intro", I'm including everything up until the point where Zelda's bodyguard tells you to head out to the Mnt. Doom looking area. The game looks so open and epic. Shortly afterward, all that epicness is thrown away by some guard who won't let you through until you go back to town to appease them with a Pikachu mask. Beyond Good and Evil also had a great intro. I love how Jade just grabs up a random stick and starts attacking the aliens.
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