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This is complete nonsense! Nothing good will come from MINATD. MINATD is a ballot-rigging machinery in Cameroon. Cameroonians should not accept this to happen again otherwise there is no reason to cast your votes. This is Bullshit ! What we need is ELECAM at least for now. There maybe some hopes. With MINATD and SDOs in play everything gonna be a smoke screen. God Help Cameroon.
Congratulations Nfinyo. This is Great! More power to your elbow. Biya and co. should not only come and frustrate your initiatives with numerous taxes. However Courage mon frere.
Dear Readers, I buy your ideas as regard the critical analysis on the Independent Candidate stuff and the putting up of an Independent Electoral Commission. An Independent Electoral Commission or not the Anglophones will still be considered second class in their own country.The Anglo-saxon traditions inherited from the British has been eroded. The Anglophones have completely been pushed to the walls. They have no say in decision making and totally regarded as an enemy. When given a position of responsibility, there is always suspicion, fear of betrayal. Our resources are being exploited without any significant developmental changes in the west Cameroon. We are being tortured, raped, including many other ills because of exercising our basic human rights but nothing is being done to change the situation. Southern Camerooon was independent before joining La Republic, but what is the situation now. My brother and sisters lets stop chasing the shadow. The Francophones do not like us because an average Anglophone by virtue of our culture are not corrupt people, we believe in checks and balances which is contrary to an average Francophone. We really have to fight for our independence. Southern Cameroonians need independence from the La Republic. We must fight for it. Otherwise nothing, i mean no nothing with come out of the relation with LRC. May God Be Our Helper.
Ndian Chiefs and Elites, you guys have not seen anything. You are all fools and is like you all have been cursed or gone insane. Where the hell have you all been that for about 4 decades now you have not been benefiting from oil and Timber Royalties and even from the Korup Park.Oh poor Ndian people. Please OPEN YOUR EYES WIDER. YOU ARE BEING CHEATED AND YOUR RIGHTS ARE BEING ABUSED TO A FAULT.Mayor-Mundemba-Lead your people liberate them from this mess. Nothing have been done to improve the socio-ecomonic situation of your area (Ndian) yet you have a lot of narural resources, from Oil to Natural gas ,Timber,Gold just to name a few. You are all dreaming. With all the bad roads in the entired division, poor infrastucture, no good schools, no good hospitals, Poor TV and Radio signals, no Electricity, No Telephone lines,No stadia, poor touristic sites,Low economic activities even with the presence of Nigeria a few kilometers away, No pipe born water, many diseases,HIV/AIDS spreads at an alarming rate cuz of poverty,many drop out from school, reasons being no money to pay school fees, and many other ills that plague the society, you all sit contented that manner will come from Heaven and that Biya will leave Etoudi-Yaounde to carry out all the development your area needs since you always give him 100% IN ALL ELECTIONS. You people are really fools. You are all living in the past, THE DARK AGES. You have a good case to take to the African court in Bandgul- the Gambia like your fellow brothers the bakweri have done, so stop sleeping, cuz no body will listen to your plea. You have been writing letters upon letters to Paul Biya/sending motion of surpport and nothing happens in return, so please stop wasting you time. Act and act now. Nothing good will come from the letter you have written and they will continue the expliotation since you guys do not know your rights, they will continue to manipulate on your intelligence. They will continue to deceive you and at the end do nothing after they must have exhausted all the resources and they will start using Big sense as theere are already rumours that they are to carve out a new sub-divison or so with headquarter in Ideanau. That will sebsequently be under Fako and you Ndian peopple will remain with nothing, i mean no nothing. So you all should act now ,i mean now. Take the matter to the African court in Bandgul-Gambia for the expropriation of natural resources found in your area without paying royalties. Fight even if you are sacrifing your lives for this, otherwise nothing will come from what you guys are doing now, that is by writing latter to Biya. This is because the government knows that you Ndian people are Docile to a fault and you are simply animals with no sense of direction/focus thats why you have been manipulated and intimidated for decades. Please do not fear intimidation. This is your right, i mean your birth rights. These people sit at laugh at you cuz you have everything yet you remain grossly underdeveloped. Oh Ndian people come out and say no to this. Take this serious please otherwise....... uhhhhh, the chiefs, i'm afriad they have nothing to offer, witchcraft which cannot be put into good use. Mayor please use your knowledge, suit the Cameroon Gov't on neglect and exploitation without royalties in Ndian Division yet other provinces receive royalties for theior forest but Ndian. It is really painful to read and hear all these. Nonsense....... May God be our helper.
Dear fellow Southern Cameroonians,Nothing,i mean nothing will be acheived if we fold our hands and wait for it to be done. We need to create the tension back home that we the SC are not satisfied with the marriage after 40 year with La Republic. Remember Mao Zhe Dong if China once said " Authority comes from the Barrel of the Gun" if we do not use arms aa terrorist on the people around the corners especially citizens of La Republic like the SDOs,DOs and carry out other demostrations, nothing serious will change. Being silence vis-a -vis the present situation means: 1. we are fine. 2. We are happy/contented with the present regime in place and of course the marriage and thigns are going just the right way. While this not definately not the situation. We SC are second class citizens in our country are grossly marginalized to a very high degree, over exploited ,under developed, harrased,tortured/raped and so no.... by la republic So, is from this light that, we need to stand up and say NO to la Republic. If we do not stand up and fight for our rights, nobody will fight for us. Nothing good comes easy. We need to rise and say No. Fight for our rights without any reservations, without any fear of the forces of La Republic. If we start fighting thats when the so call Big powers will eventually come in for dialogue and our cry will be heard. We shall only continue preaching without acting. Action spaeches louder than words. Is only when there is a big fight that things will be resolved. SC know this.Radical changes are better and helps at times rether than diplomacy. I would like to know much about the recuitment exercise that took place in in Mutegene a couple of months ago. We abroad can only fund those activities. Southern Cameroonians, is high times you stop being a docile Population. Come out of your house and speak in one voice. You are going to succeed if not you gonna remain the same for the rest of your lives. Action speaks louder tham words. So if we can speak out our problems by making them public only then that we shall succeed. Please SCs come out and fight for your rights. We are really suffering. Our children have no future. The country is ruled by SCALLYWAGS.
Dr.Eneme,Leave Rumpi project alone, you bad/corrupt manager.You are old.You have to retire to your Bakossi Village. You have eaten all the money in SOWEDA, and now; you want to turn to Rumpi Projetct.Cuz money has ben sent by its donors.You will fail. SOWEDA was all Bakossi.Shame to all you you with Tribalism. Dr. my arse. Nothing good came from SOWEDA. You have all come to waste you time on this planet earth.In SOWEDA all the so-called road projects where directed towards the Bakossi land.Were are the roads today Eneme?,if i may ask. Too bad a people. You will never learn and you call yourselves Doctors, without being development oreinted. You keep on maitaining an Earth Road til when Eneme? You are really a fool. SOWEDA has no sponsor at the moment and you all want to trun to Rumpi hills project. Can't you Southwesterners learn from your brothers in NORTHWEST. They are doing their best. Most of their roads have been tarred and that has helped almost all the farmers in the Northwest province through their NOWEDA by writing project to foreign donors for sponsor and when the resources are given, their intended desire is achieved, unlike in Southwest province.Shame to you all. And you Doctor, Ekue; is now your turn to embazzle,yes i know cuz thats very common with you people from SW because no body checks what you are doing. Know that the Rumpi Areas have no roads from Mundemba to Ekondo titi to Dikome-Balue to Matoh and so on. How do you intend to carry out your responsibilities with the poor state of the roads,eh? This is a mess.You are all cursed. Look there will be no development in those areas if there are no roads. Where there good roads development follows.When i talk of Roads,i mean tarred Roads(all seasoned ) not the Earth Road(seasonal). You people should know this. This is going to help all the farmers and they will be able to transport their farm produce to the markets with ease and their lives will change as a result. All that money you people want to put in all those porjects will not yield any friuts if there are no tarred Roads in those areas, and as a result you all will just be wasting your own time and the money. Ekue, all the projects you people are talking about will nto come to light if there are no ROADS. Your heads. Use that money to tare ROADS THE SOUTHWEST PROVINCE AND DEVELOPMENT WILL CONTINUE NATURALLY. You will fail if you do not take this as a priority. SOWEDA failed,you will also fail. Tell you DONORS,the LACK of good roads in these areas is a hindrance to development. And that their priority should be roads before projects.
This is complete bullshit!!! SCNC and SCYL have come to stay. oppressors or no oppressors we are going to achieve our goal of self-determination,PERIOD!!!. For those of you,who are against this move,that will be your personal cup of tea. You can post all nonsensical bebates here but our wish will not be changed nor denied by any FROG. The FROGS are empty, "chop broke pot" and of course very lazy people. Please Leave us alone. Our victory over the FROGS is coming soon Just wait and see. RICCADO and CO, you can go and hang, or go up to the heavens, we are not gonna change our views. So stop making your empty noise which is very common with you FROGS. The mutengene issue is just the beginning.Just wait!!!!!! The FROGS,ahaha, o na don see weti. Empty headed people.People who only know how to eat and to collect bribe by the side of the road as thieves disguised as police in uniforms and in the ministries, woe unto you if you are trying to disturb our peaceful transition. Those who have ears should hear!! We cannot be suffering for this long with all the abundant resources we have. Nonsense. It will STOP!! soon. Long live SCNC and SCYL. In God we Trust!!!
This is very bad. La Republic again. May his soul rest in peace.
This is just the Beginning.The Real stuff is on the way. La Reublic has not seen anything. Let them continue to arrest us. We shall be free one day. We are going to fight. Foolish gendarmes. To hell with La Republic du Cameroon, and the occupying forces. Please leave us alone. SCNC HAS COME TO STAY,PERIOD!!!! LONG LIVE SCNC,SCYL
Hello Dear Readers of this Favorite article.I give appraisals to Mr.Kamgang for his piece of work and the analysis he has made so far about our beloved country,Cameroon. Infact he has said it all.France is responsible for all our problems in that country.If France leaves us alone,Cameroon will go ahead,Cameroon will develop within the shortest possible time,infrastructural wise and otherwise. France is a very poor country and is responsible for underdevelopping Africa, especially Francophone Africa. The problem has been diagnoised,France!!!!!. LETS FACE IT OUT. Please they should leave us alone.It is Clear ALL OUR TIMBER/OIL HAS GONE TO FRANCE. Hence we should be able to effect all those policies outlined by Kamgang. Having our own currency peged to a reasonable currency like the US dollars, will make our country grow faster.We should be able to identify our own priority projects.Develop our infrastructures both public and private. Encourage inverstors,by creating a condusive climate for foreign inverstors and... improve on security and punish defualters. Reduce TAXES,AND INCREASE SALARIES.This will curb corruption that exist at some levels of the public service.There should be also be checks and balances in the public sector and in the private sector as well. This will make Cameroon move ahead; but will remain on the same spot if the measure outline by Kamgnag are not implemented,and go into effect as soon as possible. Shame to the Government of Cameroon: Paul Biya and Co. Big book for nothing. NB: Cameroon was one of the countries that was giving aid to China a decade ago but China has grown overnight and the reverse is true.Is it that the Chinese are more intelligent than Cameroonian or what? Or they are better economist/managers than Cameroonians? Cameroon should embark on scientific research.Put more more money (rather than paying huge sums of money to the army as salaries and bonus,) into this sector develop its infrastructure and then security. Create jobs. Organise her transport system and a host of others. Food for taught Biya and Co!!
My dear brothers,The Cameroon Governments is DRUNK with POWER.They are confused.The Yang and Co. forget to know that Globilization and decentralization are two factors that are controling the world and Nations prepared for Devepopment.Those two factors reinforce each other.Shame to the CPMD ruling party.They have failed.Noway for them.SCNC WILL SURVIVE AND WHY NOT ACHIEVE HER GOALS
Do not be afraid of intimidation.Stand firm for your right?You will be free oneday.Is not far.They wil all be ashamed.In God we Trust.
Job well done,You said it all.Infact we need a revolutionist to initiate the fight,action for action.We should be firm.One spirit,we will not surrender.Yang and Co.should go and tell Biya Ni Mvondo that we are going to have our independence under all odds. To God we trust.Bravo! SCNC Big Shame to Dion Ngute from Ndian,the richest and the most backward division in Cameroon.Dion Ngute still has the guts to condemn SCNC.When he has not done anything as regard the welfare of a Ndian man.Poor roads,No filling stations,No modern buildings, no telecommunication services and others.Dion Ngute you are very empty.Belly politics will pay u one day.