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Great idea. I tied my bandanna around the brake lever the last time I took my bike on the train so I wouldn't have to grip the brakes for so long. I could have just let it chew on a powerbar or some keys.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2012 on Bike Parking Brake: 100% Natural at BikeHacks
I see painted shoulders on Hwy 64 in the satellite view on Google Maps, Christopher. Be visible and I think you'll be fine. My grandmother was triking in the streets of LA county into her 80s.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2012 on DIY Bike Trailer: Woodworker at Work at BikeHacks
If you did not want to sew you could probably use a pebble grommet for attachment points. Push a bead into the fabric, then tie a knot around the bead and use the rope to knot around the handlebars. After killing a cellphone in the rain a few days ago, I think I'll be stashing some tyvek and string under my saddle asap. Great tip. For a diagram see:
Isn't that what the nub up on the seat stay is for?
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2012 on DIY Bike Chain Keeper at BikeHacks
I have the EVT Safe Zone as well and it is magnificent, especially at night, compared to the handful of others that I've used. That mirror would disconnect with the slightest provocation in an accident. It seems a smaller risk than being hit by a taxi while going around an obstruction.
I do something similar: I poke a couple of holes in the ammo bag at the same width as the rails, then feed a ziptie in, around a dowel, then back out. A little electrical tape around the rails keeps the bag from sliding forward on the rails.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2012 on Ammo Pouch Bike Saddle Bag at BikeHacks
I saw "lamb in can" at the New World Mall, near the crawfish seller. I assumed they were making up their own translations.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2012 on Shui Mei Cafe at Eating In Translation
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I don't begrudge then for using them, but I didn't like their presence in the bike lanes, & especially going over the bridges. I'm still nursing the wounds from a head-on collision with a lightless Power Salmon on a dark Queens night. Had he been human-powered maybe he would have engaged in the moment and noticed my headlight getting closer.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Electric Assist Cargo Bike at BikeHacks
Apparently opening day was madness, but what is the line like now?
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2012 on Steak 'n Shake Signature at Eating In Translation
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I do the same on my overly crowded drop bars, but rather than mod the clamp I hold the clamp shut with a zip tie.
For my helmet light I used a standard $15 bike light, which has a sort of rail that slides into the bike mount. I drilled a hole through the rail then zip-tied it to the helmet. Very easy.
I have made a couple of homemade stands, and was never that happy with the result. The usual downfall is that what worked for one bike in terms of clamp location, angle, & size didn't work so well for the others, plus they were annoyingly wobbly. I still pine for a real stand, but these days I just put it on my car trunk carrier. Holds any bike stably. No wobble at all. No trips to Home Depot
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2011 on $10 Homebuilt Bicycle Maintenance Stand at BikeHacks
Ron, the derailleur cannot pivot properly with the frame-integrated derailleur hanger in the way. The bolt-on derailleur hanger he is using is also not installed properly.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2011 on Derailleur Failure at BikeHacks
Just like the Cool Tools link, now that I see it.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on DIY Sliding Bike Rack at BikeHacks
We have something like that at my work, but the hook that holds the tire is perpendicular to the track (like a hangar in a closet), so you can pack a lot more bikes along the length.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on DIY Sliding Bike Rack at BikeHacks
Dominic... what do you call such a beast? I am a bit of a Contraption Captain and could go for some more handlebar real estate
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on Drop Bars - Bar at BikeHacks
That seems like a lot of leverage for such a weak glue to join between steel and plastic. Looks like he's got a safety leash on it... good thing too.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2011 on Camera Mount for Bike at BikeHacks
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